Bangalore Chapter

May 25, 2019, Time 6.30 pm, Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel

On this day, the venue saw a meet like no other. 86 vibrant Bangaluru - based alumni, some of them with spouses and children thronged the Conference Hall in a massively interactive way for caching up with old times, to exchange experiences and make plans for the future.

The three faculties associated with the event, Dr. Gagan Katiyar, Prof. K.K. Krishnan and Prof. Monika Mittal, worked their phones for above ten days to contact each and every one of the alumni listed in the group. The campus alumni department also worked hard to share the latest information on participating and widen the list as much as they could. Luckily for all concerned, the response was overwhelming as the alumni wanted to know the latest developments in the campus as well as about each other.

The first to arrive was Manu, ex – PGDM, almost straight from Frankfurt, were he is employed. This was followed by small group of Retail students and then by Insurance and other streams. As the momentum was building up over soft drinks, a violent hail storm and rain lashed the city. Ignoring this adversity, many alumni trooped in to create a highly charged atmosphere. Among the notable attendees was Mr. B N Chandrasekhar, the senior most alumni from the first batch of BIMTECH who is now a well known entrepreneur from Bangaluru. There were also about six alumni of different streams from the 2018 batch as well. The reception desk was manned by three insurance first year students under the supervision of Prof. Monika Mittal who welcomed each guest.

Prof. Krishnan started the formal proceedings with his welcome address. Prof. Gagan Katiyar then briefed the audience with the latest developments in the alumni front and the campus. He updated the alumni about AACSB rating preparations, and other developments. Prof. Katiyar spoke at length about GAAB, the BIMTECH alumni portal and its versatility and some suggestions for increased alumni activity. He requested the Bengaluru chapter to hold at least two major functions in year, one a CSR initiative by way of giving back to society. The second, it was explained to them, was about conducting a creative and commercial function which could be a Seminar or a Workshop or a Round Table on any topical subject which would interest the industry and enable the chapter to generate participating and other fees to build a positive cash surplus, which can be used for the common benefit. BIMTECH could offer some help for the conduct of these projects.   

The alumni were briefed about the blog page on the Alumni portal as well as the page for job listings. Though these are taking place a small way, these should be increased greatly. Prof. Katiyar spoke also about the exclusive annual meet of BIMTECH Women Alumni in NCR, branded as SURGE, which was held for the first time, few months back.

There was a proposal to conduct a competition among all chapters according to some criteria and award prizes for exemplary work.

At the time of registration, information was sought from those alumni volunteering to mentor juniors. Prof. Katiyar thanked the mentors. He also announced the institution of four all India alumni awards: (i) for entrepreneurs (ii) for academic achievements (iii) for Young achievers and (iv) for corporate achievements.

Information was also conveyed about the opening of three external alumni chapters in London, Singapore and Dubai. A chapter in North America is also under consideration. Prof. Katiyar’s announcements were greeted with applause and many clarifications were also sought.

The other highlight of the function was the luck draw event where 10 registered alumni were given gifts on the basis of a Lucky Draw done by children of the alumni from a bowl containing the registration numbers of alumni. This was a great fun event which generated lot of humour and mirth. This was followed by a sumptuous and tasty dinner which earned high praise from the delegates.

The event concluded at about 11.00 pm in a fitting finale on a note that they would all meet again next year, may be, even in bigger numbers!