Chennai Chapter

Chennai  on May 31, 2019


The function commenced at around 7.00pm in a venue at Hotel Savera. The ground work for the meet at the local level was laid by our alumni Mr. Varun Venkitakrishnan, Mr. Geetesh Garg and Mr. Kirtivasan, all from PGDM-IBM batches. It was conveyed to us that this function was the first formal alumni meet ever held at Chennai as most of the previous meeting were informal with about 8-10 alumni attending. For this meet, in all, there were 29 BIMTECH alumni who participated out of a registration of 31.Of the 29 participants, 6 were lady alumni. They ranged from the batches 2005-07 to 2016-18. Among the participants were two spouses and a child.

Prof. Priyadharshi welcoming the audience briefly touched upon few of the latest developments in the BIMTECH campus. He stressed that the alumnus could contribute significantly to the brand building of their alma mater.

Prof. Krishnan narrated latest developments on the alumni front, such as the revamping of the alumni portal, increase in its versatility, the developments with regard to GAAB etc. It was explained to assembly that with a view to making the chapters more relevant and self-sufficient it was proposed that they should be conducting two major events every year. One was the a CSR project which the alumni can launch taking into account the local factors as well as the support from various  corporates in the city BIMTECH would also help in the conduct of the activity. The idea was to pay back to the society as an initiative from the Chennai chapter of BIMTECH alumni.  A creative second event has also to be held by the chapter. It could take the form a seminar/workshop or conference dealing with a very topical subject or issue which would be found relevant by the local industry or corporates. It could be a one or a two day event. The funding for this function will be generated at the chapter level through ad salesin the Souvenir or by other means. The chapter gets to keep the balance amount after expenses, which can be utilised for building a corpus.

The alumni were also informed about a proposal for instituting four awards at the all India levels to develop a spirit of competition among the chapters, the details of will be communicated to them soon. By way of feedback, the alumni who were very enthusiastic, wanted at least one formal meet like the current one each year with BIMTECH participation and were willing to offer they help for implementing all the schemes. They also wanted regular communication from the alumni department.

The function concluded with a vote of thanks from the professors after a sumptuous dinner at Hotel Savera.