Kolkata Chapter

Kolkata Alumni Chapter Meet


The Alumni Chapter 2019 was successfully conducted at Kolkata on May 18 2019 wherein 21 alumni attended the event with their spouses and families. Additionally 7 alumni members called prior to the event to express their inability to attend due to ongoing election duties and their desire to reconnect with BIMTECH for future activities. As a Guest of Honor, Prof. A.K Biswas was invited by Prof. Krishan to interact with the students and he was warmly welcomed by all participants.

A positive discussion was undertaken with the students on various issues of the agenda. The discussion is detailed as below,

  • 1. Visiting HR Heads of Companies with reference from some of senior alumni/Getting leads and creating HR database with their help: Many of alumni indicated their interested in helping BIMTECH in updating the extant database. However, they requested that instead of faculty members driving the placement process; students should be encouraged to take up this responsibility. The alumni also suggested that the CCR cell should take more initiative to speak with alumni and initiate more frequent contact.
  • 2. Briefing of BIMTECH Alumni Cell and its activities: The update was given for the recent activities, instituted awards and efforts of Alumni cell to create a more integrated network of Alumni members. The information was appreciated by all participants who also wanted to have more frequent dissemination of information from the institute. A suggestion was made to re-share the links of Facebook, twitter and Linkedin pages of the Alumni cell and use the social media for increasing frequency of contact. These pages may also be used by Alumni for tagging and promotion of BIMTECH.
  • 3. Mapping expectations of alumni from BIMTECH: In terms of expectations, the most alumni expected a much greater frequency of contact than available at present. The alumni also expected the Institute to maintain a more social or informal contact with more than one meeting being held in a year. Suggestions were made to meet 4 - 6 times in a year to create a deeper relationship between the alums and the institute. The alums have also expressed their desire to work for brand – building of BIMTECH if the institute maintains frequent contact with the local chapter.
  • 4. To identify & discuss two creative events to be conducted by the alumni in the coming academic year: Kolkata chapter has decided to hold a CSR oriented event in July 2019 to give back to the society. An additional event will be discussed and decided upon at a later date.
  • 5. Addition of members in the local WhatsApp group of the respective chapter and registering themselves on BIMTECH alumni portal and other social media platforms: Details of missing members or new members has been shared and added to local whatsapp groups. The alumni are of the opinion that the Portal is ineffective for frequent contact and that social media be appropriately used for local chapters as well.
  • 6. Encouraging the alumni to increase job postings & creating blogs on the alumni portal: Alumni have suggested that instead of the portal, Linkedin pages may be used for such postings and information dissemination.
  • 7. Identifying & creating database for providing mentorship to our current students/Atal Incubation Centre: 14 alums have shown interest in the mentorship program whose details have been submitted to the Alumni Cell.
  • 8. Any other creative suggestions for regular interaction: Regularization of Chapter meet and conducted of 4 – 6 informal meets in one year has been suggested by the Alums.