Mumbai Chapter


Mumbai Alumni Chapter Meet-2022

April 30, 2022, Time 7:00 pm, Venue: Karl Residency, Andheri (West), Mumbai

To add on to the heat of Mumbai on a sizzling Saturday evening, 86 spirited Mumbai-based alumni graced the event along with their spouses and children, flocking in to the conference hall of Karl Residency for a fantastic and eventful eve.

The attendance was taken and the alumni were asked to update their details in a desired format for the purpose of maintaining records post which an ice breaking session was conducted by alumni conduit members belonging to the batch of 2021-23. It was an amazing opportunity for the alumni to interact with each other as they shared their experiences and caught up with the lives of their peers, this fun event generated a lot of commotion. Goodies were distributed to the ones who volunteered to speak. Subsequently, there was a briefing session which was undertaken by the BIMTECH faculty comprising Dr Gagan Katiyar & Prof. Manoj Pant. Also present on the Dias were Mr. Alok Gupta, President-Global Alumni Association of BIMTECH (GAAB) and senior alumnus Dr. Anshul Verma. The following details were shared:

  • Agenda of the Alumni Cell for the Mumbai chapter (FY 2022-23) which is to include 4 events in this academic year. The events may comprise of conferences, industry get together, CSR & professional meetings.
  • GAAB and the purpose of the alumni society including membership enhancement
  • Alumni portal and Alumni App benefits including networking. The alumni were also requested to update their details on the Alumni portal.

The alumni were engaged in the discussion by giving their inputs on the 4 events to be conducted jointly by GAAB, BIMTECH Alumni Cell & members of the Mumbai alumni Chapter. Alumni also shared their memories of the BIMTECH campus and the senior alumni too could not resist to talk about the Pushpa Vihar campus of BIMTECH. After the long discussion, the alumni were left to interact with each other informally during dinner. The event was brought to life with photos and video clips captured by Mr Joginder Kumar through his lenses.

The event concluded at around 11 p.m. with some alumni still engaged in discussion as one could notice their reluctance to leave. The alumni left at a Happy note with a commitment to interact & engage at more such occasions.


Mumbai on 4th May 2019


The much awaited alumni meet was scheduled on 4th May 2019 6 pm onwards in Mumbai at the banquet hall of Hotel Karl Residency in Andheri West.  This banquet hall was location because of its central location. The meet was attended by 70 plus alumni along with their spouses and children.  Total attendance was 100+. For the first time we had people from very senior batches coming in for the meet. The attendance was taken and the alumni were asked to update their coordinates in a desired format for record purpose. The alumni briefing was done by Dr Gagan Katiyar. The following were shared:

  • Annual activity report of the Alumni cell.
  • GAAB (Global Alumni Association of Bimtech) and its membership details were shared. The purpose of the body was also shared. This body operates independently of Bimtech, Greater Noida.
  • Alumni portal benefits were also shared. Students were asked to update their individual profiles/ job change/ job posting etc. on the Alumni portal. The benefits of networking were also shared.
  • One CSR activity to be undertaken by the Mumbai chapter alumni body.

The senior alumni shared their fond memories of their stay in Bimtech’s Pushp Vihar campus. They also shared their thoughts to make the alumni meets more productive and vibrant. The ideas also came from many alumni how to engage more with the college and the students. Prof Manoj Pant also share the idea of the senior alumni taking leads:

  • For mentoring the college students and helping out in summer internships and placements.
  • Inviting them for the guest lecture in the college, viva, Academic advisory, being judge in programs like Lyceum etc.

We conducted 5-6 lucky draws and awarded the various winners with goodies. We also awarded the alumni who were helpful in running the chapter with their effort.

After that we had formed small groups of Alumni with senior and junior alumni on the same round table. This ensured good networking and engagement with each other. Alumni also gave suggestions as to how to improve the engagement of the Alumni chapters. Lots of photographs and selfies were taken by the Alumni.

 This was followed by snacks, beverages and dinner. The discussion amongst the alumni was still happening much after the dinner ended.