Story Telling


Business Head and VP @ Maruti Suzuki India Pvt. Ltd.

                             Date: July 4, 2020,  Time: 5pm to 6pm                                       

   Online Platform: Zoom


There was a virtual session on storytelling by Mr. Aditya Aggarwal batch 1998-2000 from PGDBM. The session was on 4th July 2020 from 5-6:30 pm. He is an Auto Industry Veteran with over 30 years of experience spanning supply chain, logistics, sales, sales administration, network planning, and channel management. He is currently heading the True Value business at Maruti Suzuki India Pvt. Ltd as Business Head and Vice President. He has two children and in the spare time, he loves to play with his dog and meditate.


The session started with his story that what he learned is useful to him now in his current position in Maruti like Covered car carriers, Containerised movement, Factory fresh delivery even 2700 km away. He also learned Advertising on wheels (Industry first on car carriers. He is also using Car based Fleet Tracking. The strategy of competitive pricing (reverse auction of freight with dedicated movement) which would be the win-win situation for the company is also mastered by him. He gave the lesson “Along with delegation comes responsibility.”

His second phase in Maruti was at Spare Parts. He had moved from logistics to sales/sales administration. He used the logistics background to improve ordering systems for dealers by day wise scheduling as per route, truck fill, and round system in a warehouse for improving efficiency in picking and packing. The next lesson given was that you don’t need to change an organization to continue on the learning path. There are multiple opportunities with the organization itself. Around 2012, he decided to change his field and took control as Head of East Zone. He managed a sales volume of 16,000 per month across East Zone. He improved in Market share across East Zone especially Bihar, Chattisgarh, and Orissa. He also introduced the Dzire tour as a Metered taxi in Kolkata. Through this, he delivered that there is no end to learning and who will teach you.

He did channel development by channel values, space design, and Aesthetics. He gave the lesson that Mindset change is the most difficult to achieve Unlearn and Relearn.

When he entered True Value he learned, that was the stepping stone in the new car journey, every car is unique and the advent of digital. Through this, the lesson he delivered was that customer is the king and understands the customer’s requirement and tailor your solution as per the same.

The last session he gave was that do what will make you happy and you will not have to work a day in your life which is the most inspiring thing. There was a round of questions and answers by students to the guest speaker.

Finally, the session ended with a thank you note.

Story Telling Sessions at BIMTECH


It is rightly said that ‘Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world’. Three Story telling sessions have been conducted by our senior alumni from different areas of expertise since January 2020 at BIMTECH Greater Noida campus. These alums showcased their journey, narrating their stories, motivating the audience and inspiring them to be a much better version of themselves. Their journey reflected the power of never giving up and to keep moving forward despite all the hurdles in one’s life. It was a perfect blend of youth leadership and entrepreneurial mindset with excellence in academics as well as corporate. These sessions helped current students in knowing the latest industry trends, expectations and it also helps in building strong relationship with our alumni.



Name of the Alumni

Organization and Designation


Mr. NSN Murty

Partner & Leader - Smart Cities, PWC India

16th Jan, 2020

Mr. Anoop Chaturvedi

Country Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

17th Jan, 2020

Mr. Jatin Gupta

Head of Business Operations at GVC Group,
a leading Gaming company based at Hyderabad

5th Feb, 2020