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UNIQUE Centre Activities

UNIQUE Centre Activities - BIMTECH, Top B School in India

UNIQUE centre assists in issues related to European Union higher education systems, universities functioning, student mobility, faculty mobility and collaborations. Centre offers understanding and services in following domain;

  • Understanding the European Union higher education systems and the universities functioning
  • Credit and degree management
  • University collaborations
  • Information on European union opportunities
  • Student mobility guidance
  • Faculty mobility guidance
  • Research opportunities and collaboration (as and when announced)

Centre’s experts and assisting staff organizes seminars and counseling sessions for students, faculty, and administration to help understand the activities mentioned above through;

  • Seminars: Seminars will be conducted to create awareness among the students and faculty about the importance and benefits of mutual exchanges and the career options available to faculty and students who have undergone exchange programs.
  • Counselling Sessions: Separate sessions will be conducted for students to educate them about types of academic programs offered in various universities in Europe and their importance in career growth.
  • Staff Training Programmes: BIMTECH UNIQUE Centre will conduct training programmes for institutions/University departments to update them about the European Higher Education system. This would help them to understand differences between their and European system. The training will also help them to align their system with European System so that exchange of students and faculty becomes easier.
  • Workshops: Workshops will be conducted for academic staff which deals in quality assurance to make them aware of best practices in Higher Education in Europe and help them in adopting those practices in their institutes / university
  • Online Information: Online information resource is in progress to be developed and would be further developed. The purpose is to present the knowledge created during the project and disseminate the knowledge in India and other regions in south Asia through online services, which will be free of cost to users.
  • Facilitating Exchanges: UNIQUE Center will facilitate process understanding of exchange of students and faculty with partner institution in Europe through information dissemination. Centre will also help in training staff members on operational and communication management of the international office of the higher education institutions. The centre will offer direct office services to Birla Institutions and would present opportunity of counselling to other higher education institutions.