Security Systems

BIMTECH Campus and its hostels are well secured and are governed by very robust systems.

Robust Security Systems - BIMTECH
BIMTECH Campus and its hostels are well secured and are governed by very robust systems. Appropriate measures have been taken for the same so as to keep our students, faculty and staff safe and secure.

All the important locations are under surveillance and regularly monitored by CCTV cameras placed at different locations. Entry of visitors to academic block and hostels is well monitored under well laid down systems. Proper visitors lounge are provided for the purposes and timings specified for their entry. Proper entries are made at the gate, ID cards are provided, their out time and mobile numbers are noted and entry is allowed after taking confirmations.

Biometric system of monitoring student movement in and out of campus and hostels is laid. Students are required to place their ID cards so as to gain entry in campus and hostels. This keeps a proper surveillance on their movements.

Students are secured through a laid down In-time to campus and hostels. Absence from the campus for students with or without permission after authorised return time is taken very seriously and laid down systems followed by Security guards and warden teams to ensure safety of students by calling them and checking their locations. Token system is made for making immediate head counts in hostels.

Proper security system with in-house Security Supervisor and Guards along with gunman and lady guards keep the campus and hostels under guard 24 hrs x 7 days. A compulsory fitness drill is carried out for guards before starting of their shifts and regular and random checks are made by supervisors to check the posts and alertness.

Robust Security in Campus - BIMTECH

Warden team makes random visits to hostels to keep surveillance on student activities and make random calls to parents for students taking night outs to ensure their safety.

Shuttle Bus Service is provided to students from hostels and city to avoid risk by taking private transportation. We recommend students to hire private taxis for going to airport / station etc. only through authorised vendors of the Institute.

Appropriate liaison is done with Law Order Authorities of the region like DM, DSP etc. as safety measures against any unforeseen circumstances. Awareness Lectures are made by authorities for guiding students for their safety and security.

Fire – Fighting system in hostels and campus are regularly checked by campus and periodic fire-drills are organised by Campus administration.