The Cultural Committee at BIMTECH, Top PGDM College in Delhi, India

The Cultural Committee

The members are in charge of organizing and conducting various cultural events on campus. The events organized and festivals celebrated are: Samanvay, Pratibha, Freshers’ Function, Janmashtami, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Lohri, Saraswati Puja, Farewell Party and other programmes in collaboration with SPICMACAY. These events include debates, elocution, song and dance competitions, fashion show, fêtes, music recitals, theatre, mimicry and fine arts.

The Valmor Committee

The members act as monitors and maintain overall discipline on campus. They are in charge of regulating and enforcing the in and out timings of students from the campus and in the hostels. They are also responsible for implementing the acceptable dress code within the academic block, summer and winter wear, etc.

The Food Committee

The members see to it that the quality and variety of food served in the mess is good, i.e. tasty as well as nutritious. They prepare the menu in consultation with the students and the Manager (F and B). They can visit the store and suggest changes in the menu as and when required.

The Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is primarily involved in organizing on-campus sports events, maintaining sports and gym equipments and coming up with suggestions as to the new requirements and sports needs of the students. They are also entrusted with the responsibility of organizing yoga camps on campus.

Inuagration of Student Clubs - BIMTECH

The Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is responsible for writing, compiling and editing the articles about the various activities happening in the Institute and the laurels achieved in various spheres. This committee works to publish the institute’s newsletter and also prepares the stories for BIMTECH’s web page.

The Media Committee

The Media Committee is basically the touch point for the interaction with the members of the various media organizations, who are invited on a regular basis whenever there is any event organized by the Institute. Its members are trained to deal with the media persons and to write press releases.


To facilitate multi-pronged acquisition of knowledge and the honing of skills, in communication and self-expression, BIMTECH provides many opportunities for students to be part of the following Clubs. The Clubs are active and vibrant, enjoying wide patronage among students.


How to be a successful entrepreneur in the dynamic, fast-moving and risky business environment of today is the main theme of the events conducted by “Entrepioneer”, the E-cell @ BIMTECH. This cell is the result of BIMTECHians’ never ending enthusiasm and National Entrepreneurship Network’s commitment to developing an entrepreneurial eco-system. This club is working in collaboration with ‘Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development’, a board of faculty working in the related areas.


ECO-Chamber is the Economics Club of BIMTECH, which is active in organizing debates, guest lectures and panel discussions on current economic topics.

Student Clubs - Campus Life
Campus Life - BIMTECH


BIZMARK, the core marketing club of BIMTECH, simulates marketing scenarios and gives students much needed practical exposure, while keeping them au courant with the latest developments in the field of Marketing. The club endeavours to bring industry close to the student community. A student – driven club, mentored by hugely experienced Marketing faculty, the club makes its own unique contribution towards transforming a Marketing student into a full- fledged Marketer.


Majlis is the debating and theatre society of BIMTECH. Started in 2008, Majlis has become one of the most popular clubs in BIMTECH. Its mission is to provide to the students of BIMTECH a platform for public speaking so that they learn to shun stage fright and become efficient speakers. Competitions like GD, Debate, Panel Discussion, Mock Parliament, Theatre, JAM, and Extempore are organized by Majlis on a regular basis.


Noesis is the gaming club of BIMTECH and it conducts various competitions which seek to combine relaxation with learning.


BIMTECH’s Art Society ‘Palette’ has been constituted with the objective of identifying, encouraging and nurturing creative talents amongst students through arts like painting, sketching, rangoli, poster making and creative crafts like Best out of Waste.

Student Clubs - BIMTECH


The HR Club of BIMTECH lives by the values- ‘Enrich, Enliven, Enhance’ and aims at making HR a way of life at BIMTECH. They organize events and activities that aim to create awareness around HR and helps students to explore their potential. The Club has a very strong team culture and its members enjoy a fulfilling experience.


QCB (Quiz Crazy BIMTECHIANS) is one of the foremost quizzing clubs among management institutes across the country. Cognicion the “crown jewel” of QCB is held annually where top institutes from North India and corporates come to battle it out for the top prizes. As one of the most prestigious clubs of this Institute it aims to establish BIMTECH as a quizzing powerhouse nationally.

Rows and Diagonals

Rows and Diagonals Club is seriously into Chess, Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles Competition. BIMTECH’s team won the First Prize in Greater Noida Colleges Chess Competition in 2011.

United Friends of Earth (UFE)

United Friends of Earth (UFE) is a club started with an objective of making the BIMTECH campus greener and more environment-friendly. With a motto of Re-use, Re-duce and Re-cycle, the club aims at contributing its bit to the protection of the environment by promoting a green culture within the campus. The club’s agenda includes conservation of water, food and electricity by encouraging students, faculty and administration to utilize these resources judiciously.

Class Representatives

Each section of each class has four class representatives/prefects (two girls and two boys). They monitor the class and coordinate with the faculty and supporting staff in properly organizing classes, i.e. informing students about any extra classes or guest lectures that are announced within a short duration, arranging for the logistics, etc.