Pass The Paddles - Cycle Relay Race

Pass The Paddles - Cycle Relay Race

Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance , you must keep MOVING.

Cycle relay race (Pass the Pedals),that was organized by Bimtech Cycle club (BCC) on BIMTECH foundation day this year i.e. 2nd OCT 2016, was that kind of event where there were enormous participants who magnificently established their perfection in the race from their enthusiasm to win, we were able to get the best cycle riders of our college. In this event, 12 team have participated comprising of 4 members in each team ( with at least one girl) giving a sturdy competition to each other.

Event was inaugurated by BIMTECH Director Dr. H.Chaturvedi at 6:15am.Total distance covered by the riders was of 1.9 Km which comprises of route around the college.

Pass The Paddles - Cycle Relay Race
Cycle Relay Race Team - Pass The Paddles
Winner Team - Pass The Paddles