Faculty Directory


Ph.D. Mysore University through Birla institute of Management & Technology, (Bimtech Gr. Noida)
Masters M.Phil (Economics), M.A (Economics) from North Eastern Hill University (A Central University)
Bachelors B.A (H) in Economics from (SRCC) Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi University.
ISC and ICSE   Y.P.S (Patiala)
 Schooling  Also at Penglais Comprehensive School, Aberystwyth, Britain



Research Interest/Initiatives/Publications


Papers Awaiting Publication

  • Paper: Strategic Rewards System- A case study of XYZ company
  • Paper: The logic of Make in India
  • Paper: Holistic Happiness Indicator based on Himalayan Buddhism; An empirical analysis


  • International Conference of IORA: One of the key Organizer’s of (i) International Conference of IORA (Input-Output research association) Jointly organized by Bimtech, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune and Bombay School of Economics, Bombay University, at Bimtech, G Noida, from 2-4 May, 2015 and (ii) The workshop preceding the conference on ‘linear models and methods of research in economic and management sciences’ at Bimtech, G Noida, from 30th April to 1st may 2015.
  • Paper: Strategy of Food Security through, Stocks and Public Distribution , published in Indian Journal of Economics, Vol. XCIX , No 380, Pages 93-114, July 2015 part 1(ISSN 0019-5170)


  • Article: Philosophical Scientific and Spiritual Base of Success and Happiness (A short Note/Article in Business Perspectives, Volume 13, No 1, Jan-June 2014, (ISSN 0972-7612)
  • Paper: Contribution of Productivity and Employment to growth of Indian Economy in Accounting    Framework in Indian Journal of Labour Economics (IJLE), Volume 57.  No. 4, Pages 413-436, October-December, 2014 (ISSN: 0971-7927)


  • Paper: Economic Growth, Employment and Rising Educational Qualifications of workforce in Indian Economy’ published in Journal of Management Science of  IIM Shillong (Indian Institute of Management Shillong ) Vol- 4  No 1, of Jan-June 2013.Pg 49-67, (ISSN NO- 0976-030X)
  • Edited Book: One (1) Chapter in an edited book entitled “ Reshaping Organizations to Develop Responsible Global Leaders “ published by Nepalese Academy of Management in Year 3,Vol 1, Number 1, 2013, Kathmandu (ISBN 978-9937-2-6081-7)              Organization Structure, Education Profile of Human Capital, Output and Productivity of Electrical Manufacturing Industry of India-A Study of Selected Enterprises
  • International conference/Paper:  Joint Paper in the 2nd International Conference on “ Reshaping Organizations to Develop Responsible Global Leaders “by Nepalese Academy of Management in 2013 at Kathmandu Nepal (10-12 March 2013): Organization Structure, Education Profile of Human Capital, Output and Productivity of Electrical Manufacturing Industry of India-A Study of Selected Enterprises
  • Paper: Contributed a joint paper entitled ‘Consumption as an indicator of Incidence of Poverty among Indian states’ in the National Conference on Indian Economic Growth in Regional Framework 28-29th Sept 2013 jointly organized by Bimtech and Allahabad University and funded by ICSSR.


  • Edited Book: Two (2) Chapters in an edited Book entitled ‘Dynamics of underdevelopment of Uttar Pradesh’ Published by an International Publishing House, ‘Bloomsbury Publication’. 2012 (ISBN 978-93-82563-32-7)
      1. Productivity, Literacy & Per capita SDP of Indian States (Pg 27-34)
      2. A Comparative Study of Economic Growth of UP during 1985- 2010 (Pg 51-68)
  • 2nd International Conference of IMS, NOIDA (12-13, Oct 2012) on Exploring Non linear Growth through HR driven Strategies (IMS Noida) at GAIL auditorium, NOIDA. Reviewed Papers and Chaired one of the technical sessions in the conference.
  • Paper: Changing Profile of education and productivity as a stimulus to growth’ (Joint Paper) pg 79-89, Vol.5 No.5 April 2012 (ISSN NO- 0975-2382, UPBIL/2008/26430)


  • International conference/Paper:  Balancing Factor Endowments, Economic structure and the composition of Indian exports: Joint paper presented in the 19th International Input-Output Conference in Alexandria Virginia USA (June 13th – 17th 2011) Paper is available on I.I.O.A., www.iioa.org
  • 7th annual conference/background papers in 7th annual conference of UPUEA, Oct 15-17th Oct 2011 at BIMTECH Noida entitled  ‘Consumption of Food & Incidence of Poverty in the emerging Indian Market economy: A conceptual and Review note’ &
  • 7th annual conference/Paper ‘Changing Profile of Education and Productivity as Stimulus to Growth’ (Joint Paper) was presented in the 7th Annual Conference 2011 of UPUEA organized by BIMTECH from 15 Oct to 17th Oct 2011
  • All India Commerce Conference : Attended AICC, at Pondicherry University at Pondicherry (Dec 2011)


  • Paper: Development of Professional education in India: A study of Intra & Inter stream Variations in Business perspectives Vol. 10 No 1 pg 59-69, Jan- Jun 2008 ( ISSN No-0972-7612)


  • Paper: Educational Development and Human Resource Qualifications in Indian Job Market (Birla Institutes Journal Business Perspectives, Vol. 9, No. 1 pg 19-40, Jan- June 2007 (ISSN NO-0972-7612)
  • Paper: Educational Development & qualification up-gradation in the Indian Job Market-Analysis of emerging Trends in Inst of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR), Manpower Journal Vol XLII, No 4 pg 1-36 Oct- Dec 2007, (ISSN NO- 0542-5808)
  • All India Commerce Conference :Presented a  Joint paper entitled “Micro Finance Dispensation Model -A Comparative Study” in the technical session at the 60th Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of AICC, at Osmania University in Hyderabad (Dec 2007)


  • Paper: Determinants of Acreage Response under Conditions of Dynamic Growth. (International Journal. The Scandinavian, Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies, Vol 16 No 1 March 1997 Pg 4-31 reprinted by NCAER Reprint no-41 N Delhi) Joint Paper. (ISSN No- 0280-2791)


  • Paper: Effects of Liberalization on Industry-Agriculture Inter-Relations and Terms of Trade. (In the Indian Journal of Economics, Special Issue on NEP) Joint Paper, Vol-LXXVII, issue no-304 pg-63-81, July 1996 (ISSN NO-0019-5170)


  • Term Paper: Agriculture in Meghalaya, Term Paper for Master’s Degree in Economics Member ship of Various Committees
  • UGC Member of the Evaluation Panel of UGC (University Grants Commission), Govt of India

Editorship of Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Editor of Manthan an international Peer reviewed and ISSN numbered Journal of IMS-NOIDA ISSN No (0974 7141)
  • Managing Editor of “Business Perspectives” an International Peer reviewed & ISSN numbered Journal (0972-7612)
  • Developed the Proposal for an International peer reviewed Journal of Ansal University was assigned editor’s position

Referee in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • AUBR (Ansal University Business Review) ISSN number 2320-0502 an International peer reviewed Journal of Ansal University
  • Manthan ISSN No (0974 7141) an international Peer reviewed Journal of IMS-NOIDA

Other Academic activities

  • AIMA (All India Management Association) Paper Setter and evaluator for AIMA
  • Chaired Parallel Technical Session & also Reviewed Conference Papers submitted for the 2nd International Conference organized by IMS, NOIDA in Delhi (NCR) from 12-13th Oct 12
  • Examiner/Paper setter for the Phd program of the Petroleum University at Dehra Dun.

Training Programs

a. 2010: Critical Thinking for Teachers: A two-day workshop Conducted at Stratford University, India campus. BY Prof. R Shurtz Stratford University Washington (USA)

b. 2001:On SEED-SCALE Model of Sustainable development (4 weeks training) Conducted by Dr Daniel Taylor, Harvard University & President Future Generations International, Dr Carl Taylor, Professor Emeritus John Hopkins University & consultant Future Generations International. With participation from USA, China, Peru, Nepal, Afghanistan & India representing diverse fields such as Doctors, Academicians, Politicians, Public & Religious leaders, community workers etc

c. 2000:On Primary Health Care & community development (3 weeks training) At Comprehensive Rural Health Program Jamkhed Maharashtra India by Dr Raj Arole (Padam Bhushan and Magasassy,  Awardee) and Dr Shobha Arole

d. 2011-2015 have attended many FDPs also.

Work Experience (summary)

  • Worked as Director in a Public Ltd Company : i.e. Director of J B Holdings Ltd, a J B Group Co
  • Worked as Executive Director at “Future Generations”:i.e. Executive Director of Future Generations A USA based International organization (It’s an Accredited University now)
  • Worked as A. Professor & Head of the Department( Management, GIMT ) Galgotia University
  • Worked/Taught as Assistant Dean at an Accredited American University called Western International University Arizona & Stratford University, Washington, USA,(India Campus) under Modi Apollo International Institutes(MAII)
  • Worked as Consultant in the Center for Retail Management at FDDI, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt Of India
  • Worked as Research Investigator in Project of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the  Dept of Economics NEHU
  • Consultancy Work: Business Development consultancy offered to Modi Apollo International Institutes (MAII) & Academic consultancy to Fashion Maker Group (FMG).
  • Supervised several MBA level Thesis’s
  • Member of the Evaluation Panel of UGC (University Grants Commission)
  • Paper Setter & Evaluator for AIMA (All India Management Association) and Paper setter for the Phd program of Petroleum University (Dehra Dun)
  • Papers taught Managerial Economics, Micro-Economics, Banking &Money, HRM & Strategic Management to MBA’s
  • Associate Professor at Ansal University, Gurgaon
  • Associate Professor at IMS-NOIDA