Faculty Directory

Academic Experience

Around ten years of teaching experience to management students in NIILM Centre for Management Studies, Asia Pacific Institute of Management Studies, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies

Area of specialization

Modes of Entry , Public Policy

Awards Academic Honours

Honours Erasmus + Grant

Conference Papers

  • 2nd AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium organized in IIM Ahemdabad on 5th January-7th January, 2014
  • Mergers & Acquisition as Strategic tool for Corporate Growth – A case Study on the Merger of Reliance Industries Limited & Reliance Petroleum Limited in the Case study competition, BVIMR, 11th March, 2011
  • Structural Strategies in the International conference, IIM Kozikhode on WTO, India & Trade Strategy, 26th & 27th December, 2008.

Consultancy Experience

Customer Relationship Management with Importers at PEC Ltd.


Ph.D. PhD in the Area of M&A as a strategic tool for global expansion from Department of Business Administration, University of Lucknow, Masters in International Business Management from Department of Applied Economics, University of Lucknow
Masters MIBM ( International Business Management), UGC -NET ( Management Studies)


Management Development Programme Initiatives

Management Development Programme Initiatives MDP on “ WTO Agreements” for Participants in FIEO [ Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation], New Delhi

Research Interest/Initiatives/Publications

Public Policy for Global Competitiveness, Socio-Economic Development

Selected Publications

  • Paper titled “Will UBI (Universal Basic Income be the perfect Social Security Scheme in India?” published in  “Advances in Social Change, Leadership & Organisational Decision Making, Bloomsbury India , November 2017, ISBN 978-93-87471-34-4

  • Paper titled “ Smart City Mission: E-Governance for Global Competitiveness” published in Management Practices for the New Digital Economy , Bloomsbury India , 2018, ISBN 978-93-86826-85-5

  • Chapter on “The Investment Model of Crowdfunding for MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in India” published in the Book ‘International Perspectives on Crowdfunding : Positive, Normative and Critical Theory’, Emerald Publications, ISBN 9781785603150, April 2016

  • Paper titled “Value creation through cross-border mergers & acquisitions by the Indian pharmaceutical firms” in Journal of Strategy & Management, Emerald Publications, Vol:7, No.1 , 2014, ISSN 1755-425X

  • Paper titled “ A study on Indian Youth for determining relationship of Brand Loyalty with Customer Perception with special reference to personal banking services”, in APJMIR, Sage Publications, Vol. 8, No.4, December,2012, ISSN 2319510X

  • Paper titled “Relationship Marketing through Social Media” in Journal of Advanced Research in Journalism, Vol 4, No 3&4 (2017), November 30, ISSN 2395-3810

  • Paper titled “A pyschographic Study on Ready to Eat products using OCEAN model” in The Indian Management Researcher, Vol.3, Issue 2, December 2016, ISSN 2349-2090

  • Paper titled "Short term value creation due to cross-border acquisitions by Indian pharmaceutical companies" in BVIMR Management Edge, Vol. 6, No.2., July-December 2013,ISSN 0976-0431

  • Paper titled “Growth-Share Matrix as a Tool for Portfolio Planning: Evidence from the Indian Telecommunication Services Industry" in The IUP Journal of Business Strategy, June 2011.

  • Paper titled “ Structural Strategies for Global Expansion of Third World Multinational Firms” published in Fortune Journal of International Management Volume 5, No.1., January – June 2008, ISSN 0973-0079

  • .Paper titled “ A theoretical Analysis of the Structural Strategies of Emerging Economy Multinational Enterprises” published in  Abhigyan- Business Journal from Fore, Vol. XXVI No.3, October-December, 2008, ISSN 0970-2385

  • .Paper titled ” SAFTA -  Business Opportunities & Challenges “ published in  Scour-Journal of Institute of Productivity & Management, Vol. 01, No.01, October 2006, ISSN:0973-6123

  • Paper titled “ Restructuring of the Indian Banking Industry ” published in Contemporary Management- referred Journal of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies,Vol.05, No.02, July-December 2006