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BIMTECH Foundation along with Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development, gave tribute to our Mentor Late Dr. Pritam Singh on his 1st Punyatithi

An Inspiring role model, Dr. Pritam Singh, an Indian academic, educationist, advisor and management professor, has spent his entire life inspiring students, academia, corporate heads and policy makers to elevate their excellence. As the Chairman and member of several policy-making committees and bodies of Government of India, he has stamped his perspective on policy issues that surround both management education and corporate management in India. His distinguished services were acknowledged by the country when he was conferred with the prestigious „Padma Shri? by the President of India. It was for the first time that any Professor and a serving Director in India received this coveted award in the field of “MANAGEMENT EDUCATION”. Since 2003, he has been one of the biggest pillars of where Birla Institute of Management Technology stands today. He was one of the greatest friends of the director, Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, with whose guidance and support taking BIMTECH to such great heights which it?s at today became effortless. The institute has been fortunate of having received his blessings and guidance on many occasions. Unfortunately, last year, on 3rd June, Dr. Singh succumbed to the novel coronavirus and could not continue his phenomenal journey of educational and societal change. In the memory of this great academician, his students, family, friends, associates and followers all over the nation, led to the establishment of Dr. Pritam Singh Foundation to carry forward his legacy of esteemed research and education. To remember this great personality and his exceptional deeds on his 1st death anniversary, 3rd June 2021, his followers and well-wishers organised a food donation drive in different parts of the country since Dr. Singh was known for always giving importance and priority helping the underprivileged in any way possible. A food drive was one such great way of matching the foot-steps of Dr. Singh. On the similar lines, BIMTECH Foundation along with Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development, gave tribute to the respected personality by organising a donation drive of food in different parts Greater Noida which is inspired by his teaching that we have to remain connected with the poor and the needy citizens of our country. Around 300 people, who were provided with good cooked food, were also facilitated with T-shirts, mask and sanitizers. The food was cooked with special care at the hostel mess of the institute. The drive helped in reminiscing the eminent efforts of Dr. Singh for not only his contribution to BIMTECH but to the entire education system. BIMTECH shall always honour Dr. Singh for his efforts and enlightenment and would dedicate a few lines to him which go as: