Criterion for Evaluation

  • Scholarly Relevance and originality: Does the subject of the paper appeal to the interests of the conference attendees?

  • Completeness of the work and Acknowledgement of the work of others – Does the paper/case is well organised with acknowledgment to recent researches?

  • Methodology: Does the paper use sound and appropriate method(s)? Originality: Does the paper add new findings, insights, or knowledge to the body of literature?

  • Research: Does the paper compare and weigh the material against the work of others?

  • Conclusions: Are the conclusions sound and justified?

  • Managerial Implications: Is the managerial relevance and implications of the decision problem demonstrated?

  • References: Are the references adequate?

ICMC does not accept disguised cases. Cases written on a particular firm with primary data will require written ‘Consent to publish’ on the firm’s letter head signed by an authorized manager.