Internationalization and University Quality Assurance

UNIQUE is European Union Erasmus Mundus funded project which is aimed at researching the gaps and developing knowledge for improving services for international students, address the international (European Union) dimensions of Quality Assurance and to promote the joint programmes and student exchange programmes.

The consortium members include FH Joanneum, Austria; World University Service, Austria; Universida de Alicante, Spain; Voronezh State University, Russia; Univeristy of International Business and Economics, China; Intstituto Technologico de Monterey, Mexico; Birla Institute of Management Technology, India; Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia; Aston University, UK.

The project is implemented with research objectives-

  • Promote the idea of international collaboration and exchange
  • Promote comparability with European standards and support the university management in its alignment for EU related initiatives
  • Counsel the Indian institutes concerning recognition of European courses, grades and admission of incoming European students.
  • Counsel international office of universities and outgoing students in selecting high quality European institutions for their studies for open programmes, collaborative degree and exchange programmes
  • Screen the European higher education area for new developments and partnership opportunities.Under the European Union project proposal, UNIQUE Centre in India is created at Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) to execute the research outcomes and offer continuity to the idea. It will be the centre of information for European Universities and also a place to offer available opportunities on quality improvement, collaboration with universities for student exchange, faculty exchange and counseling of student exchange programmes. The information on universities will include institutions, programmes, scholarship, quality, evaluation system, and other engagement opportunities. Given the breadth of the information, the centre will service both students and professors.

Project Partner Institutions