International Programs

Outgoing Exchange Students

BIMTECH introduced experiential learning for the students. The students are given an opportunity for Student Exchange Program every year. BIMTECH has a long list of partners from all across the globe for international exchange. Most of the partners are renowned institutes / universities having accredited by AACSB, EFMD and AMBA.

The students are allowed to go for the exchange program in 1st year as well as 2nd year. The students can go for one or two trimester. The students are given an option to apply in any one of the Partner school as per their liking and how they could relate to the destination country.

BIMTECH applies to partners for grants, which are passed on to the meritorious students. There are scholarship offered by the partner institutes to the eligible candidates.

International Grants and Scholarships received by BIMTECH 2019-20

  • Endeavour Leadership Program Grant from Australian Government for academic year 2019-20
  • ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Grant for academic year 2019-20.
  • ERASMUS International Mobility Grant for academic year 2019-20
  • ERNST Mach Grant. The grant is offered by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research for the year2020- 21.
International Grants and Scholarships received by BIMTECH 2019-20

International Partners

Student Exchange Program

BIMTECH welcomes incoming exchange students from Partner universities every year. International students participates in BIMTECH’s exchange program from partner institute/ universities. BIMTECH sends invitation to the partner universities which offer Business Management Program for Student Exchange Program. International students who are interested apply online within the time frame. The students go through a selection process. The selected students are then given the invitation letter from BIMTECH. The International students are allowed to study for a single / double trimester. BIMTECH has  a credit transfer facility with our  partner. BIMTECH provides boarding and lodging facility of international standard to the incoming exchange students.

For any queries you may contact:

Ms. Pragyan Patnaik;
[email protected]
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Research and Consulting


BIMTECH faculty have published in reputed journals and actively participate in national and international conferences. Faculty have received research grants from international funding agencies such as ERASMUS, ERASMUS+, British council, UNEP, USIEF. The annual conference “International Conference on Management Cases” (ICMC) jointly organized with Eastern Finland University, Finland is held every in first week of December. The conference attracts researchers from all over the world. About 80% of the cases presented in the conference get published in category C journal from the ABDC list, Scopus indexed journal and Case Centre UK.


Virtual projects with students from partner universities have given students an understanding of multi-market mechanism, virtual team work, complexities of working across time zones and working and collaborating with teams with different cultural orientation. These projects are devised as part of the course or as live project for an organization. The projects are devised in a way that would require students to draw upon their knowledge of business management such as communications/negotiations, required to manage global business, operations management, information systems, marketing, and accounting/finance. Class discussions, readings, and tutorial by faculty mentors provide understanding of the theoretical concepts. The primary objective in such projects is to develop a business plan by applying classroom theories and concepts to actual situations and events. These projects are in different domains such as communication, marketing, international business and information technology. Some of these projects also involve visiting the partner university for the final presentation. The trip allows students to meet their counterparts and also understand the cultural aspects when devising a business plan. BIMTECH students have worked on projects and collaborated in teams with students from FH Joanneum, Austria; University of Hertfordshire, UK; Philadelphia University, USA; Wake Forest University, USA.

Emerging market program

About the Programme

Emerging Market Programme, also known as India Study Programme, is a blend of theory and field experience and is designed on the cohort need. It is offered in three different levels and exposure plan.

Emerging Market Immersion programme

This programme is meant for the students in undergraduate and master’s programme that do not have any exposure of corporations. The programme aims to expose students on theoretical aspects of the market and economy and provide a field exposure in few selected companies and interactions which offer practical understanding.

Executive Business programme

This programme is designed for graduate and doctoral level candidates or middle level executives who have professional experience and aspire to increase their understanding on emerging market. The programme brings interaction on models and practices of successful organisations. The programme conducts visits to some organisations for case study and also facilitates interaction with the senior management of the organization.

India Study Programme

INDIA has emerged not only as one of the strong economies but also a great intellectual power house in last two decades. INDIA has given great business models on mainstream business credited to consumer demand, and new approaches in Bottom of Pyramid, Social Innovations, and Reverse Innovation along with the TOP executives to the global companies especially in IT and financial services domain. The global hope of future business and business models and practices are having contribution from India too other than China, Africa, Russia, African continent and South America. There are great opportunities of learning in more than 30 emerging markets. INDIA is a case study of economic development and cultural diversity around the world in recent past. It is rated as one of the most prominent Emerging Markets in the world. INDIA is one of the largest resources in the BRICS nations as international reports and Goldman Sachs report indicate. Indian Planning Commission projects the Indian economy as one of the biggest in the world in few decades. It is also expected to be the only supplier of professional manpower to the world due to its capable and strong young workforce. This scenario has attracted the global attention to observe and analyze the developments taking place and also read the elements which have caused the pace of changes.

Thought Leadership programme

This is highly specialised multi location + multi sector programme for senior level professionals who are able to spare time and resources to experience the growth determinants of a market, professional needs of the new markets, and entry and operational management of their business in new market. There are high levels of interaction with senior professionals and policy advisors and visits to few organisations for senior management interaction. This programme is led by a team of academic and industry leader.The emerging market programme provides first hand experience of the emerging market and offers an understanding on economic development, industrial growth, leadership models, business and economic rationales, cultural diversity and its management, and globalization DNA etc. The index of the seminars and discussions include interactions with the professors of high repute, industry leaders and experts, and historians. This course also schedules the industrial visits to companies and visits on cultural exposure in different parts of India. The modules and seminars are offered in the domain as follows:

Programme Duration and Locations

This is a 2 week programme which includes classroom sessions and field visits. The academic part of the programme is offered in the home location of BIMTECH campus in Greater Noida (outskirt of New Delhi) followed by industry and cultural visits in India. The appropriate balance of theoretical and practical exposure is planned based on the programme.

Programme Fees

The cost of the programme is dependent on several factors as programme is mix of academic offering at campus and outside arrangement including tours. A change in the quality of service outside BIMTECH would cost the market price. Any immediate cost raise will be separate such as medical insurance etc. Following are few variables of costing in the programme.
  • Academic Offering fees
  • Accommodation at BIMTECH/hotel and during tours outside
  • Meal at BIMTECH and during tours outside
  • Train and Air travel expenses within India
  • Local transport in the city for all purposes
  • Entry ticket for places of cultural and historical importance
  • Administrative expenses

Contact Details

Pragyan Patnaik
Head – Centre for International Affairs

Faculty exchange and research

BIMTECH has focused on internationalization through curriculum, inviting faculty from other countries, student exchange, study abroad tours, cross country research etc. The aim is to give students a global experience, knowledge, competence and skills desired for the current job scenario. One such approach is joint research or consulting projects, workshops and course taught jointly with business experts and foreign faculty. With the belief that knowledge sharing and discussing different viewpoints are important for learning experience, the institute invites faculty from its network of international partners. BIMTECH faculty have received research grants from international funding agencies such as ERASMUS, ERASMUS+, British council, UNEP, USIEF. We invite faculty for teaching assignments in following teaching areas:
  • Accounting and FinanceBusiness
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and Retail
  • OB and HR
  • Operations and Decision Science
  • Strategy, Entrepreneurship and CSR

Contact Us

Ms. Pragyan Patnaik
Head, Centre for International Affairs
[email protected]

Ms. Pragyan Patnaik

Mr. Amardeep Burman
Assistant Manager, Centre for International Affairs
[email protected]

Research Fellowship

The BIMTECH Research Fellowship scheme is to provide opportunities to researchers from foreign B Schools/Universities to undertake advanced studies in India leading to research outcomes. Research Fellowships Number of Fellowships: Total 20; Eight each in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability/ CSR; Four in general domains Visiting fellows are expected to participate in the life of the School and the University by interacting with staff and students and participating in research seminars and other scholarly activities. Total amount of fellowship Euro 2000 for a stay period of three months. Eligibility Researchers affiliated to reputed B Schools/universities from outside India, working in management knowledge domains, with above average qualifications, at the beginning of their research career and not more than 40 years of age as on 1st June of the current year will be eligible. Post-doctoral researchers are also eligible to apply. Researchers with specific plan are encouraged to register their interest. The fellowship can be utilized for furtherance of an ongoing doctoral or post-doctoral study, collection of India specific data, conducting India specific research study, joint research, and collaborative research involving multiple institutes/universities. Short-term study visits, participation in congresses, conferences and training courses cannot be financed. Further, this fellowship is not for researchers from the B Schools and universities in India. How to apply Scholars of all nationalities working in management disciplines may apply to the BIMTECH Research Fellowship by mail (to: [email protected]) at any time of the year. BIMTECH reserves the right to call in batches or individually. Send the following documents to Dr Nimisha Singh at [email protected] Registration form (Annexure I) Short CV with a scanned photo Research Proposal outlining nature and scope of the work to be carried out in India, the principal benefits of the visit to both the researcher and the School/University. The proposal should also indicate the estimated duration of your visit. Recommendation letters
  • For Doctoral and Post-Doctoral candidates: From Director/Dean and Supervisor
  • For Faculty: From Director/Dean of the institute

Application Process

  • Candidate should fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for admission under the supernumerary category:
    • Candidate should be one of the following: People of Indian Origin (PIO) / Foreign National (FN) / International / SAARC National / Gulf Quota / Overseas Citizens of India (OCI)
    • Candidate should be a Graduate from any recognized university/institution with minimum 50% marks or equivalent grade.
    • Pass in Class XII with minimum 60% marks
    • Pass in Class X with minimum 60% marks
    • Adequate knowledge and understanding of English language – Medium of instruction in school / UG level should be English.
    • Proof of foreign citizenship / NRI status
  • Candidates appearing in Final Year Graduation Examination (1st attempt) in Summer 2022 can also apply. Such candidates will have to produce final year result of graduation with minimum 50% marks in aggregate on or before 31st October 2022 failing which their provisional admission will be automatically cancelled.
  • CAT/XAT/GMAT/MAT/CMAT score is not applicable for Corporate, NRI, NRI sponsored categories & Supernumerary seats.
  • Application fee is waived off.
  • Prospective candidate will be interviewed either in person in the home country or online (approx. 25min) via Zoom.
  • Final selection of the candidate will be based on the academic performance at the X, XII, UG level and performance in the personal interview.
Sr.No. Particulars Fee (INR)
1 Tuition fee for 2 years 12,00,000
2 Library security (refundable – one time payment to be paid with first installment) 25,000
3 General security (refundable – one time payment to be paid with first installment) 25,000
4 Medical insurance – First year 5,000
5 *Medical insurance – Second year (subject to revision) 5,000
6 Lodging charges – First year 1,26,000
7 *Lodging charges – Second year (subject to revision) 1,26,000
8 Boarding charges – First year 66,000
9 *Boarding charges – Second year (subject to revision) 66,000
  Total Fee 16,44,000

In case, Medical Insurance, Lodging or Boarding charges for Second year are revised, excess amount has to be paid by the student or if it is decreased it will be refunded by the Institute to the student. Regarding this, student will be informed in advance.

Scholarships on Tuition Fee will be awarded based on the applicants’ past academic profile and performance during the selection interview.

Supernumerary seats are reserved for People of Indian Origin (PIO) / Foreign Nationals (FN) / International / SAARC Nationals / Gulf Quota / Overseas Citizens of India (OCI).

  • The Institute reserves the right to alter the course content of the programmes, rules and regulations, teaching schedule, tuition fee payable, boarding and lodging fees and/or any other matter pertaining to its working. The Director’s decision will be deemed as final in all such matters.
  • If a student admitted to the Institute is found to have given any false information or suppressed some material information, his/her admission will be cancelled and fees will not be refunded to such a candidate.
  • The total tuition fee for any programme for Merit and Supernumerary student category may be paid in equal half yearly instalments. The first such instalment shall be paid before the start of the session. No extension of time limit will be granted for the same. For NRI, NRI sponsored and corporate sponsored candidates, the fee is payable annually in advance.
  • The Institute does not take responsibility for delay in transit involved in receipt and delivery of any communication between the Institute and the applicant.
  • All disputes are subject to the legal jurisdiction of District Gautam Budha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, (India).
  • Those who are given provisional admission due to non-declaration of their graduation result are required to submit the marks sheet up to 31st October, 2022, failing which the candidate will cease to be a student of the Institute. In such case, security deposit alone will be refunded.
  • Students who are not able to secure 50% aggregate marks in their graduation exam after the admission is granted, will have to withdraw from the programme and no fee except general security deposit will be refunded.
  • A student should observe all the rules and regulations, framed from time to time by the Institute. Breach of any of these may render him/her liable for penalty under the rules and/or expulsion from the Institute. For quick reference of the Institute’s rules, candidates may refer to the current student’s handbook by visiting the link Student Handbook
  • All BIMTECH Programmes offered are compulsorily residential. Staying in the Institute’s hostel for the complete 2 years is mandatory and will not be changed under any circumstances.
  • All required documents submitted by applicants for seeking admission to any program in BIMTECH will be sent for verification to the issuing authorities. Admission secured through fake or manipulated testimonials will be cancelled immediately and no refund of any fee paid will be due.
  • The discretion of the Institute will be deemed as final in all such matters.

E-mail: [email protected]

Call/WhatsApp: +91-8339937810, +91-9910303851

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