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Emerging market program

Students & Professors visited BIMTECH from FH Vorarlberg, Austria Under India Study Program

Students of FH Vorarlberg, Austria Visits BIMTECH, India

BIMTECH has collaboration with leading B schools from all parts of the world who correspondingly promote the exchange programme. At BIMTECH the International exchange programme for students and faculties is quite engaging. In this era, global connections are important from all facets of student and faculty growth. We trust that fruitful ideas come from crossing traditional boundaries and so we promote: Student Exchange; Faculty Exchange; Partnership with International Universities and organizations; Research projects for students; Research sharing and collaboration; Joint Certificate Programmes; Dual Degree Programmes; Emerging Market Programmes; Joint Seminars; Global Management Guru Award and other academic activities to enhance

The program structure was tailor-made rendering to the requirement and level of education. The sessions were delivered by industry experts and eminent faculty on India sustainability scenario, issues and policy framework in environment, waste management and measures taken by government for environment. The group visited Sehgal Foundation at Gurgaon to understand their engagement and association in rural development and community involvement. An interactive session was organized with BIMTECH students to understand India from student’s point of view. The participants shared that the session were very informative.

The ISP group visited Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. Then they visited the NGO, Development Alternatives located in Taragram near Jhansi, to get firsthand experience of sustainability practices in India.

Industry Experts & Eminent Faculty Delivered Sessions - BIMTECH
Students of FH Vorarlberg, Austria Visits under India Study Program

BIMTECH receives students and professors from FH Vorarlberg, Austria under India Study Program

BIMTECH has collaborated with international universities on various academic activities. Understanding the attention of some of the best business schools in Europe and USA for emerging market, BIMTECH is supporting few business schools to offer exposure to business graduates about Indian business and society.

BIMTECH received 10 students and 2 professors from FH Vorarlberg, Austria under the India Study Program. The objective of their visit is to gain international experience and to develop exposure to sustainable development and intercultural competence. During their 10 day stay they will attend lectures by industry leaders on sustainability issues in India and visit organizations Covestro, Greater Noida; IRRAD Gurgaon.

India Study Programme

INDIA has emerged not only as one of the strong economies but also a great intellectual power house in last two decades. INDIA has given great business models on mainstream business credited to consumer demand, and new approaches in Bottom of Pyramid, Social Innovations, and Reverse Innovation along with the TOP executives to the global companies especially in IT and financial services domain. The global hope of future business and business models and practices are having contribution from India too other than China, Africa, Russia, African continent and South America. There are great opportunities of learning in more than 30 emerging markets.

INDIA is a case study of economic development and cultural diversity around the world in recent past. It is rated as one of the most prominent Emerging Markets in the world. INDIA is one of the largest resources in the BRICS nations as international reports and Goldman Sachs report indicate. Indian Planning Commission projects the Indian economy as one of the biggest in the world in few decades. It is also expected to be the only supplier of professional manpower to the world due to its capable and strong young workforce. This scenario has attracted the global attention to observe and analyze the developments taking place and also read the elements which have caused the pace of changes.

About the Programme

Emerging Market Programme, also known as India Study Programme, is a blend of theory and field experience and is designed on the cohort need. It is offered in three different levels and exposure plan.

Emerging Market Immersion programme

This programme is meant for the students in undergraduate and master’s programme that do not have any exposure of corporations. The programme aims to expose students on theoretical aspects of the market and economy and provide a field exposure in few selected companies and interactions which offer practical understanding.

Executive Business programme

This programme is designed for graduate and doctoral level candidates or middle level executives who have professional experience and aspire to increase their understanding on emerging market. The programme brings interaction on models and practices of successful organisations. The programme conducts visits to some organisations for case study and also facilitates interaction with the senior management of the organization.

Thought Leadership programme

This is highly specialised multi location + multi sector programme for senior level professionals who are able to spare time and resources to experience the growth determinants of a market, professional needs of the new markets, and entry and operational management of their business in new market. There are high levels of interaction with senior professionals and policy advisors and visits to few organisations for senior management interaction. This programme is led by a team of academic and industry leader.The emerging market programme provides first hand experience of the emerging market and offers an understanding on economic development, industrial growth, leadership models, business and economic rationales, cultural diversity and its management, and globalization DNA etc. The index of the seminars and discussions include interactions with the professors of high repute, industry leaders and experts, and historians. This course also schedules the industrial visits to companies and visits on cultural exposure in different parts of India. The modules and seminars are offered in the domain as follows:

Programme Duration and Locations

This is a 2 week programme which includes classroom sessions and field visits. The academic part of the programme is offered in the home location of BIMTECH campus in Greater Noida (outskirt of New Delhi) followed by industry and cultural visits in India. The appropriate balance of theoretical and practical exposure is planned based on the programme.

Programme Fees

The cost of the programme is dependent on several factors as programme is mix of academic offering at campus and outside arrangement including tours. A change in the quality of service outside BIMTECH would cost the market price. Any immediate cost raise will be separate such as medical insurance etc.

Following are few variables of costing in the programme.

  • Academic Offering fees
  • Accommodation at BIMTECH/hotel and during tours outside
  • Meal at BIMTECH and during tours outside
  • Train and Air travel expenses within India
  • Local transport in the city for all purposes
  • Entry ticket for places of cultural and historical importance
  • Administrative expenses

Contact Details

Programme Director
Ms. Nimisha Singh: