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Globalization of business is order of the day. In financial services, pharmaceuticals, beverages, automobiles, information technology etc. Indian firms-large and small are winning internationally. You may want to study international business to understand the developments in these fields, the challenges in managing international businesses and the different approaches to accomplish them. You may also want to study international business because employers know that their future depends on success in the world economy and so they need to recruit those who will make that happen. We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

Chairperson's Message

Dr. Monika Jain

(International Business Programme)

We create an environment to transform PGDM students into business managers/leaders.

The programme helps students to acquire not only new skills, techniques and knowledge on key business areas, such as, Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Ethics and HR, but also to integrate and inter-link these concepts to an enterprise level.