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Industrial Visit To Warehouse Of Gati-kwe

Industrial visit is one of the key component of our curriculum at BIMTECH, Greater Noida during which students visit companies and get insight regarding the internal working environment of a company and how company functions,. They also assimilate useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures. The first year Retail Management students visited the warehouse of GATI KWE Pvt. Ltd. at Gurgaon, Haryana on 6thAugust 2016.Gati-KWE is an unmatched leader in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions, committed to making their customers’ business always ‘Ahead in reach’ while partnering with them to elegantly customize the delivery offering.

The prime objective of the visit was to acquaint students with the working of supply chain industry.This illuminating visit would not have been possible without the guidance of Prof. Manoj Kumar Pant. Our coordinators, Mr.SaikrushnaBharati and Mr.Ajab Singh took full responsibility for the programme and carried it with full rigour.

The students were escorted by our very own alumnus, Mr.Stutidatta Mishra who briefed us about the company which is a joint venture company between Gati – India’s pioneer and leader in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions and Kintetsu World Express Japan’s leading logistics provider. Following the joint venture Gati-KWE, today offers an unmatched service offering that brings in local experience with global expertise. Gati-KWE is a 5500 people strong company with an annual turnover of Rs 15273 million.We were made aware of Gati’s intrinsic network that spans the length and breadth of India. And a large fleet of more than 5000 vehicles and an assured space across 32 airline sectors ensures that the shipments are delivered in the right time at the right place.

 Moreover, students visited the warehouse, storage area, sorting point and the dispatch area. Students learnt the supply chain of courier service right from the receipt of goods from customers, sorting operation, pickups, dispatching and distributing. Students also learned the revenue and cost mechanism of the industry.

The visit helped the students have a clear idea about the functioning, working and maintenance of the distribution service and technology and various departments under which this industry has made a remarkable status in the market. The visit was a great success as it aided students with practical perspective related to logistic activities.