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Industrial visit to Ananda Dairy

Ananda dairy foods pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading companies for dairy products in northern India. it was started in 1989 by its visionary chairman Mr. Radhe shyam Dixit in Bulanshahar during the phase III of operation flood also known as the white revolution of India.

Ananda started its functions in Siyana Factory on 15th Nov 1989 but the consolidation of "Ananda Group" and incorporation of Ananda Agro Retail Business came on 8th July 2003. The company has shown fast and sustainable growth rate over the years. It had achieved a turnover of 700cr by FY 2013-14. Ananda has a strong presence in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR in India while outside India it is present in countries like United Kingdom, USA, UAE, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc.

The PGDM-RM batch 17-19 were taken to Ananda dairy and its various collection centers for an industrial visit on September 4, 2017. The students were there to know about the supply chain of the dairy.

 The trip started with the visit to the village level milk collection Center (VLCC). The students were taken to Atola village, which had a VLCC. Farmers of the nearby area come to this VLCC and get their milk checked. They are then paid for the amount and consistency of the milk they have collected. The payment is done after every 5th day of the submission of the milk. Every VLCC has a vibrator and an analyzer. The vibrator eliminates all the bubbles from the milk while the analyzer checks for the fat and SMF (skimmed milk fat) content. The price of the milk depends upon the fat content. Every vlcc and every farmer has an individual code according to which data is saved. For example the vlcc we visited (village Atola) was located on route 1 and had a code of 135. Similarly every farmer was also given a code for the ease of conduct. The VLCCs also keep products like de-wormer, calcium etc for farmers to use at the price lower than the MRP.

After Atola, students were taken to Loti village. Which was another VLCC. It was bigger than the VLCC of Atola but had the same functions. The only difference was that it kept few extra products for the farmers and was bigger in size.

After VLCC, the milk goes to MCC (milk collection Centre), where the milk is filtered and then stored. This Centre has a compressor and a storage unit. The Ammonia helps in keeping the milk chilled while it is in the storage. The compressor is used to keep the ammonia cool. When milk arrives from the VLCC to MCC, it is filtered and then sent to the storage through various pipes. These pipes have a parallel pipes of ammonia to keep the milk chilled throughout the entire process.

Milk Collection Centre - Industrial Visit to Ananda Dairy
Picture: MCC
Filtration Process at MCC
Picture: filtration process at MCC

From MCC the milk is then sent to the dairy plant where various products are made. Here the milk is processed and converted into various finished goods such as ghee, dahi, flavored milk, dairy sweets etc. hygiene was really important here. The packaging and the labelling of the product also takes place here. The plant had some manual and some fully automated machines. The finished goods then move in fully packed trucks to various Ananda stores.