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Industrial Visit to Safe express 2017

Students of PGDM Retail management 2017-2019 visited ‘Safexpress Logistics Park, Gurgaon’. It is a Logistics company covering 620 destinations in 36 states and Union Territories of India. Their transports are all GPS enabled, weather – proof and containerized vehicles in most of them linked through 48 hubs and mega hubs travelling over 6,00,000 km a day with warehousing facilities spread across 12 million square feet working 24/7, 365 days.

They are third party Logistics firm which were mostly relying on,

Door to Door service.

Business to Business customized services.

Logistics Consultancy

The various other services related to the above were, ‘Bike express’ where they explained the students the transportation of two wheelers to different localities for the individual customers. They provide ‘Direct to Medical Representative’ pharmaceutical logistics as well as ‘Stock to Shelf’ for malls and retail outlets. Sunday services to all these was their key competitive strategy.


 The first facility all students were taken to was the Cross – Dock column-less facilities with LEAD certification. The first floor had record keeping unit and the second floor was the back office and board room for the board meetings and other administration related meetings.

The floor of the cross dock area had variation in the height. The inbound logistic unloading side towards the outbound logistic loading area was tapered to make the movement of logistics easier to push by the employee.

They have implemented, to improve ease of loading and unloading from and to difference sized trucks, the docking platform was height adjustable in certain docks. There are high definition Television Screens which were continuously showing the current status at the warehouse. The domestic and national transfers were done in different areas for convenience.


Their inventory was managed by warehouse management system. The logistics entering the warehouse were stamped by a Unique Seal before unloading and loading which is continuously monitored. The logistics were detained if the seal is broken.

The logistics are stored in Truss framed shelves which had a particular pattern of storage that enables ease of access.

Vendor Managed Inventory:

They provide vendor managed inventory as well for many manufacturing companies. For example, the accessories required to assemble the products of Hero Honda, Yamaha, Maruti procured from the sellers are stored in Safexpress warehouse from where they would be directly sent to the assembling unit of the respective firms. The warehouse is in most of the cases closer to the manufacturing or assembly plant. They utilize ‘bin to bin’ system where quality check and returns were checked on the daily inventory by manual reconciliation.


They use 40 feet long and 24 feet long trucks for Hub to Hub transport. They use larger trucks between mega hub to mega hub and hub transportation. The other linking points were called Nodal Logistics Centre and Delivery Gateway. The refrigerated trailer trucks are yet to be used in their logistics chain which would boost their business. They provide green truck system which are like better than most packers and movers.


The voucher bill provided to the customer would be duly signed and returned to the delivery staff which is considered as the ‘Document of Delivery’. All the information received are exported in the Inventory management system in real time for future uses.


The service level efficiency on air is 95% and on land is 90%. The goods that get damaged or lost are fully paid refunded or cashed out to the victim customer always which is comparatively lesser than finding and replacing the damaged goods.

Ethics and Responsibility reminders:

There were many notice boards to make the employees always informed.


The Industrial visit helped the students to learn what are all the most important aspects in managing a successful third party and fourth party logistics firm by providing the best services without compromising their Efficiency or Responsiveness.