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Industry Visit to Kaizen Metal Forming Pvt Ltd

Industry Visit to Kaizen Metal Forming Pvt Ltd

Visi Date :25/8/2017

 Class: PGDM(C)

Accompanying Staff: Asst Prof. Amarender Pandey Class Representatives: Sakshi Gupta, rabhnoor Kaur, Rahul Gopal

Starting Time: 10:00 am No Of Students: 34 Company: Kaizen Meta Forming Ltd

Kaizen Metal Forming Pvt Ltd  The Kaizen Industrial Services was started in 1993 and provides state of the art welding techniques/ services in the field of Sheet Metal Welding. The company now  employs more than 2000 employees with a turnover of INR 250 millions. With Strong Client base and goodwill earned by Kaizen Industrial Services led to incorporation of  Kaizen Metal Forming Pvt Ltd in 2003. Kaizen Metal Forming manufactures Sheet Metal Stamping Parts, Tubular Parts, Welded sub-assemblies, Skin Panels for Automobiles, Farm Equipment’s and various machines.

About the Visit We reached Kaizen Metal Forming by 10:30 am and were taken to their packing box  manufacturing plant wherein machines used for punching, welding (portable and static), cutting sheet metal and shaping were shown to us. Three staff members from Kaizen accompanied the students to explain the manufacturing process and clarify doubts. The students were shown how the machines functioned along with sample  pieces, to showcase the processes followed in he plant.

Next the students were taken to their second plant wherein customized parts for automobiles are manufactured, which includes industry leaders like Maruti Suzuki,Honda etc. The students were told that the company followed japanese work culture  acting by which the order received was split into batches, taking into concern the   number of working days in hand, and manufactured accordingly. Some of the students also interacted with workers to gain information. It was also discovered that usually company do not maintain any inventories of finished goods, only a stock of 10 day of raw materials is maintained.

The visit ended with refreshments provided from Kaizen Metal Forming and students  taking a group photo with staff of Kaizen. The staff from Kaizen were presented.

Mementos, as a token of gratitude from BIMTECH, by Amarender Sir .The batch reached college by 12:10 pm.