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These are advanced courses from different functional areas which will be offered in Term V and VI. It is entirely the choice of the students to choose of not to choose these courses . Student can select one course in Term V and two courses in VI . It is recommended though not compulsory for students to opt for these courses. However if they opt then it will be a credit course like any other course.

The list given below is indicative and the actual offering may vary depending on the feedback of recruiters

  • BCN2503 - Advanced Writing for Business Effectiveness
  • BCN2505 - Corporate Effectiveness through Theatre Techniques (CETT)
  • OBH2501 - International HRM
  • OBH2502 - Leadership, Influence and Power
  • OBH2503 - Negotiation and Influencing Skills
  • ECO2501 -  State Of Indian Economy and Business
  • ECO2502 - Element of Basic Econometrics
  • ECO2503 - Emerging Economies
  • ECO2504 - Doing Business in India
  • ECO2505 - Social Media and Text Analytics
  • MKT2501 - Advanced Markstrat simulation
  • IT2202 - ERP for Managers
  • STR2508 - Digital Economy and New Business Models
  • STR2509 - Applied Theory In Strategy And Competition
  • STR2510 - Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • STR2511 - Business Sustainability
  • STR2512 - Sustainability Reporting
  • STR2513 - Sustainable Development Goals and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • STR2515 - Climate Change
  • STR2520 - International Business Strategy
  • STR2521 - Financial Inclusion
  • STR2522 - Circular Economy