Aim and Scope

The aim of BIMTECH Shodh Gyaan is to create and disseminate knowledge in the global context, which is in line with the second mission of Birla Institute of Management Technology. 

Launched in January 2014, this peer-reviewed journal is published bi-annualy. The word Shodh, in Sanskrit, carries a rich repository of meanings: diversity, alternatives, logic, and freedom of choice. The journal seeks to reflect this range of meanings vis-à-vis management research, managerial problem solving, and decision-making in two ways: by adopting a broad understanding of management, viewed from the context of emerging economies including India, and by publishing a mix of research-based academic articles, reflective perspectives, management cases and commentaries, and colloquia.

BIMTECH Shodh Gyaan adopts a broad understanding of management that encompasses the various functional areas within management as well management practice. Thus, the content covered in recent years spans the latest developments in the following:

  • Accounting and Control
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Finance and Banking
  • General Management
  • Information Technology and Systems
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
  • Public Systems, including Health and Education, and Government
  • Strategic Management and Leadership

The regular features of BIMTECH Shodh Gyaan include the following:

  • Deans’s Desk include reflective contributions on emerging issues and ideas that call for action or rethinking by managers, administrators, and policy makers in organizations.
  • Research articles, which are based on rigorous theoretical or empirical research, contribute to the academic literature while illustrating the practical applicability and/or policy implications of the research undertaken.
  • Management Thought includes a tet-a-tete with an industry expert on a contemporary management issue.
  • Management Case describes a real-life situation faced, a decision or action taken by a manager or by an organization at the strategic, functional or operational levels.
  • Book Reviews include invited reviews of current books on management.
Type Maximum word limit (including tables, figures and references)
Research paper/article 6000
Management Thought 1500
Case Study 6000
Book Review 1000