An Industrial visit to Sage Metals Private Limited

On 29th July 2017, Section D had the privilege to visit Sage Metals Private Limited. The idea of the visit was to inculcate into the students the working, processes and systematize knowledge of how an industry works on a daily basis and the number of tasks involved in manufacturing goods. Sage Metals is more than 30 years old establishment spread across 7 branches and 4 industrial segments with a turnover of almost 300 crore per annum.

The students visited the plant situated in Sahibabad. The company specializes in making electrical products and sprinklers used in farming, other than this they have a large scale production of zinc and aluminum casting. The Company mainly deals in export, 94% of their goods are exported to Canada, German, Italy, UK, and Middle-east with Thomas battles an America base company as a major buyer.

The students were given a proper guide and explained every mechanism in detail, beginning with die-casting, and the company manufactures different types of dies according to the product, which is further used in casting process. Plant is divided into two sections “B-7 and B-8”. Section B-8 was built in 1983 while section B-7 was built in 2005. Both sections have several manufacturing units. In front of B-7 a storage unit is located, which is used for storing raw material mainly zinc and aluminum, beside this room there is a room which is used to keep generator sets for emergency power backup.

B-8 is just one floor workshop which mainly consist of manufacturing unit, it also has a yellow path, it does not have machining and finishing unit. The machines in this part of the building use modern technology and computer to carve out the die shapes from big chunks of metals

There was a plethora of observations that could be made during the visit but more than that there were plenty of things to learn. The one thing that swooped our mind was the efficient and effective work mechanism of people and how there was just 5% wastage that was made in all of their processes collectively. The visit to Sage Metals turned out to be a major learning experience for the students and they were able to come back to the campus with more knowledge, enthusiasm and memories.