Industry Visit Report: Sheela Foam

On 12th August section B students were given a great learning experience by organizing an industrial visit to Sheela Group Company. Sheela foam located in Greater Noida is a leader in Polyurethane foam. Greater Noida and surrounding NCR regions come under its market which is widely expanded around the globe. Sheela Group has its branches in Australia and Germany as well. The main export activities of the firm are happening with countries in the sub-continent. Sheela foam was established in 1971 and since its inception it has maintained an impeccable track record which made them the leader in the markets.

The main objective of the visit was to get a real time analysis and understanding of how a firm works and how the production and supply chain activities are carried out in that firm. The students reached by 10.30 am and since the arrival they were well guided by the factory employees and firm representatives. The product outline and its uses where explained which included its application in beds, sofas, automobiles and so on. Sleep well is another company under Sheela group which distributes the product to outside retailers which completes the efficient supply chain of Sheela foam.

The students where first shown the vertical and horizontal machines used for foam transformation into desired shape. Then it is taken into peeling section for altering and dying it into different colors by altering temperature. Then it is then processed into proper shape and structure which will be sent to sleep well for final finishing works.

The students where shown all the activities inside the production unit and safety measures including insurance benefits given to employees of firm were explained. The students were shown the efficient storage system where the foams are stored with utmost care.

The students had a very practical and useful session. The learning experience from the visit will be cherished by them for a long period. The efficient managing system of Sheela foam have left a huge mark on the potential managers.