BIMTECH Knowledge Centre is an essential component of BIMTECH’s research & education mission.

BIMTECH - Top PGDM Colleges in India
The combination of carefully selected traditional and digital resources via browsing interface and supported by exceptionally fast response service, provides BIMTECH community with a library that is worthy of this world class institution.

The enthusiastic Library management, commitment of talented Library staff and the support of top management makes the Library a most lively place on the campus providing friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge, extends research and publication assistance and facilitates undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars.India.

BIMTECHs Knowledge Centre is well equipped with precious books, Textbooks, Reference books, Periodicals and Journals. It is supported by a large well-ventilated two floored reading-room. The library is enriched with digital facilities and computer system. Free access of this is made available to the students, ex-students, research workers, faculty, staff and visitors. The library frequently displays and exhibits various books, newly arrived books. The students are lent the textbooks for the entire academic session with nominal charges through Book-Bank and teachers and students can also buy the books directly from market and submit them to the library of which the amount is paid immediately.

BIMTECH - Top PGDM Colleges in India