PRISM - BIMTECH Emerging Leaders Competition 2023

Unveiling the Future: Emerging Leaders Competition - 2023

Ignite Innovation, Discover, Celebrate, and Elevate the Next Generation of Leaders
Every year, the PRISM foundation, invites young leaders to present the significant value they created for their organizations, customers and communities. This competition is now in its third edition. In 2021 and 2022, work of six teams of emerging leaders were chosen from amongst more than 125 submissions. Details as under:
YearWinners from1st Runners up from2nd Runners up from
2021Hyundai Motor India ltdOil & Natural Gas CorporationAditya Birla
 2022Larsen & Toubro LtdAshok Leyland LtdLalitpur Power Generation
What are we looking for? (Submission Eligibility)
  1. Emerging leader(s) (Individual or Team) under 40 as of end of Nov’2023 who
  2. Have identified a business problem / opportunity and
  3. Pivoted an innovative and sustainable solution that
  4. Created value for customers, employees or other stakeholders
  5. Can showcase measurable, tangible benefits and
  6. Hearing your story can inspire emerging leaders across firms and industries
What to Submit?
Share your work and results in not more than 10 slides (PPT) or 10 Pages of Word Document or PDF.
  1. One Slide / Page: Executive Summary
  2. One Slide/ Page: Project Name, Team, Specific Role, Objective & Timelines
  3. One Slide / Page: Business Context
  4. Five Slides / Pages: (Problem / Opportunity, Solution, Approach / Methodology, Impact, Outcome & Sustainable Benefit)
  5. One Slide / Page: Innovation / Creativity (How different has been the approach / Outcome)
  6. One Slide / Page: Brief Comparison of Before & After (Business Impact)


Stage I: Organizations register online by submitting their details and by following the online application process. Applicants would be filling the Online Application forms.

Stage II: Preliminary Round being an Official Tabulator will screen the entries and check the evaluation criteria and other relevant information.

Stage III: Assessment Jury for Shortlisting the Best Practices & Shortlisting of the nominations from each category will be done by the judging panel based on information shared in the submission.

Stage IV: Shortlisted Organization will present their Transformation / Best Practice to the Jury (Online) for not more than 45 minutes. The Jury will evaluate the Transformation Project / Best Practice based on 5 Criteria i.e Focus on the presentation, Clarity on the problem statement, Innovativeness of solution, Key learnings and benefits, Sustainability of the outcome, and effectiveness of change management.

Stage V: Communication of the Winners and Winners along with their team will be invited to National Conference to be held in November, 2023 to present their Transformation / Best Practice in brief (not more than 10 mins)

Recognition & Awards

Trophies & Cash Prizes
  1. Winner: Rs 100,000/-
  2. 1st Runner-up: Rs 50,000/-
  3. 2nd Runner-up: Rs 25,000/-
All the organization clearing the stage 3 will be award awarded a certificate of appreciation. All teams will get a certificate of participation once their submission is accepted

Get Published
Selected case studies will be invited to submit to a fully automated open access journals platform at no cost to the company. If the organization chooses to accept the invitation, their case study will be utilized for enhancing management education in the country by contributing to its case material.

Benefit to the Organization & Participants

We encourage business leaders in the public and private sector to encourage the emerging leaders in their organizations to present their high impact value creating work. This will help their emerging leaders to

  1. benchmark themselves,
  2. learn how to present their work,
  3. interact with senior leaders from the industry and
  4. gain a broader perspective on the strategic and operational aspects of the business environment they work in, and
  5. brand their organization and best practices

Important Dates

(a) Stage 1 (Last date for submission) : 30th September, 2023
(b) Stage 2 (Primary Evaluation) : 05th October, 2023
(c) Stage 3 (Jury Evaluations) : 12th October, 2023
(d) Stage 4 (Shortlisted Presenting) : 16th ~ 19th October, 2023
(e) Stage 5 (Declaring Winners) : End of October, 2023
(f) National Conference : 17th ~ 19th November, 2023


All organization are required to register first at below link and those registered user will receive submission link
SPOC: Ms. Shakila Kundu, Email: [email protected] & Mobile: 9849451794
Let your journey begin!