“New Age Economy and Managerial Skills” – Mr. Ajit Shah, Managing Director, APAC&MEA, ACTICO, Singapore

Keeping up to speed with the major disruptions that AI and IOT have brought about in the business world is a major requirement for budding managers. We at BIMTECH are really intrigued by how technology is impacting the business environment. In lieu of which we organized a panel discussion on “New Age Economy and Managerial Skills”.
The discussion was moderated by Professor Sanjiva Shankar Dubey. We were fortunate to hear from the likes of Mr. Ajit Shah, Managing Director, APA
C&MEA, ACTICO, Singapore with experience in managing budgets / P&L. He gave us some valuable insights on how integrating AI in Business can steer a business model towards exponential growth. He also gave us a brief overview of how Technology has shaken up various domains like Finance and Marketing and stressed on the importance of keeping up to speed with the disruptions caused by the same.
We also heard from Mr. Vijay Kumar, he comes from years of industry experience from the United Kingdom. He is the Ex-Vice President of Tech Mahindra. He enhanced our understanding of the new-age economy and the kind of management skills we need to cope with the changing market keeping IT at the epicenter.
We had with us, Mr. Kumar Bivudh, Divisional Head, Project Management – strategic projects in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Apollo Tyres Limited. His advice to us came from his 11 plus years of rich industry experience. He gave our learning curve a push towards innovation and design thinking.
We also heard from our own Alumnus Mr. Akhil Jain who now has a career in IT at Apollo Tyres. He summed up the discussion putting forth the major takeaway from the discussion which was the need to “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” to stay relevant in the new age economy.