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Swiss Re Expert in BIMTECH!

Mr. Rajeev Sharan, Sr. Economist, VP, Swiss Re Global Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, interacted with the students of PGDM – IBM on the theme of Protection Gap in Health Insurance in China, India, South Asia and South East Asian countries.

He shared with the students the major findings of the recent online survey conducted by Swiss Re to study this major problem. A novelty of the research was the estimation of the cost of “not seeking treatment” by families for any reason which has been factored in the final findings.

The engagement lasted for about 90 minutes, of which the last 15-20 minutes were devoted to answering queries of students and clarifying their doubts. All in all, a very enlightening experience on a very relevant topic for the students and faculty.

Prior to the lecture, Mr. Sharan interacted with the faculty of the department of insurance Prof. Abhijit Chattoraj, Prof. K. K. Krishnan, Prof. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Mr. Pratik Priyadarshi and Prof. Monika Mittal.

Prof. Priyadarshi introduced Mr. Sharan to the audience. Student Niharika Arora proposed a vote of thanks.