VIKRAY, the flagship event of club Retailia was conducted on 5 th of February 2020 with the objective of providing a single platform to students to the connoisseur views about the corporate and its nitty gritty. VIKRAY provided the students a platform to showcase their intelligence, awareness and managerial skills, the requisites for any budding manager.

The event started with the pre buzz event of Mannequin challenge and the Photography challenge, where all the participants were required to act as the mannequin in the given time period of 2 minutes. It was a different concept and was well appreciated by the participants. The other challenge was Photography in which each participant was required to click a photo keeping two themes in mind- Nature or Light and shadow; this challenge was allotted with the idea of discovering the bubbles hidden in entrant student’s photographers. The success of the pre buzz event could be evaluated with the enthusiasm shown by the students.

To earn the title of “VIKRETA OF THE YEAR”, the participants went through two rigorous rounds- Preliminary (quiz) –which evaluated the students awareness with their surroundings (i.e. current affairs, general awareness), the second round and the final round was – Re- launching of failed products; where qualifying students from first round provided with failed products and they had to come up with ideas that best fit in all aspect to launch the product. The event was beautified by the involvement of judges and the faculty mentor who apart from guiding the participants also gave their deep insight to students. Our judges of the event were Mr. Amit Mendirata, Ms. Namrata Bhargava and Ms. Megha Bhargava. They not only evaluated the participants on the specified parameters but also guided them on how to tackle real life scenarios when one enters the field.

Team Golden Eagle: Jessi Mathew, Akhil Anil and Agul Pillai were declared as “VIKRETA OF THE YEAR” and were rewarded with goodies and trophy.