Haresh Kumar Sharma

Designation: Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Sciences

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 0120-6843000-6843010

Dr Haresh Kumar Sharma has completed his M. Tech (Operation Research) and earned his Ph.D. from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, West Bengal, India. His expertise is Statistics and Operation Research, Rough Set Theory, Time series Forecasting, Multi-criteria decision-making, and Optimisation theory, with seven years of research and teaching experience. He has also published various research papers in ABDC-(A)/Web of Sciences/SCOPUS, reaching 324 citations with a 7-H index. He is also a peer reviewer of various reputed journals like the Journal of Cleaner Production, Sustainability, and Applied Sciences. Apart from that, he has supervised one PhD thesis and five PG dissertations, and currently, he is co-supervising two more PhD students enrolled at SGT University.

  • PhD in Mathematics from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, 2019.
  •  MTech in Operation Research from National Institute of Technology (NIT)  , Durgapur, 2014.
  •  MSc.  in Mathematics from Dr B.R. Agra University, 2007.
  • BSc.  in Mathematics from Dr B.R. Agra University, 2005.

Rough set theory, Statistics, Data Science, Optimization theory, Calculus, Numerical Analysis.

Probability and Statistics, Biostatistics, Calculus, Remedial Mathematics, Operations research, Work on R and Python programming software, and Statistics using Python.

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics at SGT University Gurugram, Haryana-122505, India, from 23 November 2020 to 09 November 2023.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sciences at P.K. Institute of Technology and Management, Mathura, 1 July 2009 to 30 July 2012.

  • NEP coordinator of Faculty of Sciences at SGT University.
  • Member of Digital Committee of Faculty of Sciences at SGT University
  • Member of Alumni of Placement Cell of Faculty of Sciences at SGT University

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  • Decision Making for Hotel Selection using Rough Set Theory: A case study of Indian Hotels Sharma, H. K., & Kar, S.   International Journal of Applied Engineering Research,  2018,  0973-9769.




  • Journal Cleaner Production since 2019 till now
  • Journal Sustainability since 2022 till now
  • Journal Mathematics since 2023 till now