Venkata Ramana Thanikella

Designation: Area Head - Finance, Associate Professor, Finance

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +91-120-6843000-10

Extension: 399

Doctorate from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) in the area of Managerial Decision making related to Risk and Return in Portfolio Construction & First Class Master’s Degree holder in Commerce from Pr. Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur.

He is into academic field since 1997 and Published & Presented more than 85 research papers in national and international journals including in SCOPUSWeb of ScienceABDC listed Journals. Area of expertise in Financial Decision making, Corporate Tax Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Cost and Management Accounting, Behavioral aspects in Finance and Management Control System.

Corporate trainer in the area of Finance for non-finance executives, Working Capital Management, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Cost control techniques, Financial Decision making, Financial Reporting, GST etc. and imparted training in corporate like, BEL, IFFCO, Delhi Transco Ltd., NTPC, SAIL, JCB Ltd, Department of Science and Technology, TATA motors, Apparel Export Promotion Council, Handicraft Export Promotion Council, etc.

He is an author of a book title ‘Practices in Entrepreneurship and Finance’ published by Manakin Publishers and “Psychology of Investors: A Researcher’s View” published by World Lab Publishers. Under his supervision 14 scholars awarded PhD  in the area of Behavioral Finance, Digital Finance, MSME Finance, Financial Inclusion, Mergers & Acquisitions and Intellectual Capital.

He is also certified trainer of Goods & Services Tax (GST) from National Academy of Customs, Excise & Narcotics under Ministry of Finance, Government of India in the year 2017. Life Member of Indian Commerce Association and Indian Accounting Association.

Worked in various academic positions including- Member Secretary Faculty Research committee, Board of Studies, Area Advisory Board, Course Review Committee, Examination Committee, Examination Superintendent, MBA Program Coordinator and Leader, Head of the Department-Finance, Member of Internal Quality assurance cell (IQAC), Member of Accreditation Committee and Criteria’s, Member of Students Research Committee.

Special Mentions: Organizing various conferences and workshops, Panel member in other Universities, Vast experience in Curriculum Development and Revision, Introduction of New Academic programs and Courses. Member of Faculty Recruitment Board and PG/PhD Admission Interview Board.

Before joining to BIMTECH, He was associated with Amity Business School, Noida since 2004 as a Professor and HOD-Finance.

  • Ph.D.   : Mohan lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, –“ A Study of Managerial Decision Making process W.r.t. Risk and Return analysis in Portfilio construction.” Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur-2012
  • M.Com: Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
  • B.Com: Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur

  • Finance for Non-Finance
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Working Capital Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Investment Decision Making and Behavioural Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection Mechanism

  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Tax Planning & Management
  • Management Control System
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Advance Corporate Accounting

  • August 2005-October 2022:  Professor and HoD-Finance – Amity Business School, Amity University UP.
  • September 2004-August 2005: Assistant Prof. Amity University, Raipur
  • August 1997-August 2004: Assistant Prof. St. Vincent Pallotti College, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur

  • Head- Department of Accounting & Finance, Amity Business School, AUUP Noida
  • Member Secretary- Board of Studies, FRC FMS,Program Review and Outcome Assessment Committee- Amity Business School, AUUP Noida
  • Member- Area Advisory Board, Program Review Committee, Examiation and Moderation Board Committee, IQAC, NAAC Accreditation,
  • MBA Program Leader and Coordinator- MBA Programs

  • Life Member: Indian Accounting Association
  • Life Member: Indian Economic Association

  • 2022 : Environment, Social and Governance performance and Firm Risk: A Study of the Indian Consumer goods sector
  • 2022 : A Partial least squares approach to the financing behaviour of MSMEs
  • 2022 : Determinants of Investment Risk in Indian consumer goods sector: Dynamic panel regression approach
  • 2022 : The Interplay of perceived Risk, perceived Benefit and Generation cohort in Digital Finance Adoption
  • 2022 : A Study on Impact of Merger and Acquisition on Financial Performance of Agri-Food Companies
  • 2022 : Financing Woes: Estimating the Impact of MSME Financing Gap on Financial Structure Practices of Firm Owners
  • 2022 : A Partial least square approach to digital Finance adoption
  • 2021 : Examining the determinants and consequences of financial constraints faced by micro, small and medium enterprises’ owners
  • 2021 : The mediating role of financial bootstrapping: Linking MSMEs’ business growth to financial health and institutional debt accessibility
  • 2021 : Financing Preferences and Decisions – The case of Entrepreneurs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • 2021 : Creating value through related and unrelated merger and acquisition: Empirical Evidence
  • 2021 : Business Growth Model of MSME: The Role of Financial Bootstrapping
  • 2021 : Evolving Strategies for the Structuring of Working Capital Loans during Covid Times: An Analysis of Select Indian Private Sector Bank
  • 2021 : Evolving Strategies for the Structuring of Working Capital Loans during Covid Times: An Analysis of Select Indian Private Sector Bank
  • 2021 : Internal Determinants of Banks and Asset Portfolio Quality during Covid-19 Pandemic: An Analysis
  • 2021 : “Intellectual Capital: A Determinant of Firms’ Operational Efficiency”
  • 2021 : “The Nexus of Intellectual Capital and Operational Efficiency: The case of Indian Financial System”
  • 2021 : Influence of Intellectual Capital on Performance: An Analysis of IT and Pharmaceutical Firm’s
  • 2020 : A Case Study on Best Human Resource Management Practices Implemented in Flashelec, New Zealand
  • 2020 : ” A Study on Equity mutual finds schemes in India”
  • 2020 : Financial Education and its Impact on Investor’s Behaviour An Empirical Study on Investment Decision
  • 2020 : Financing Preferences of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises –Does Pecking Order Theory Explain?
  • 2019 : A Study on Effects of service quality models on digital Banking in Private Indian Retail Banks
  • 2019 : Assessing the effect of financial literacy on investors decision making
  • 2019 : How Technology May Change the Game – Creation of Investment Awareness
  • 2019 : Comparing performance of Equity, Balanced and Debt Mutual Funds- Empirical evidences from India
  • 2019 : Impact of Financial Decision making due to Investor’s attitude
  • 2018 : Challenges in implementation of credit linked subsidy scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY-CLSS)
  • 2018 : Impact of Behavioural Finance in Investment Decision Making
  • 2018 : Leverage effect and Inroduction of options and futures impact of equity market; A study in Indian Context
  • 2018 : An Empirical study on impact of organisational citizenship behaviour, employee engagement and proactive behaviour on employee performance in Retail Banks of India
  • 2018 : Leverage effect and Inroduction of options and futures impact of equity market; A study in Indian Context
  • 2018 : Analyzing experiential impact of mobile banking on customer service quality in private banking sector of India
  • 2018 : Housing initiatives in urban and rural areas of India
  • 2018 : Performance evaluation of large-cap and mid&small cap equity mutual funds in India- An Empirical evidence
  • 2017 : Practices in Entrepreneurship and Finance
  • 2017 : Critical Analysis of Credit Policy Parameters adopted by Banks- Working Capital Loans and Borrower’s Perceptions
  • 2017 : The Potential Impact of Marketing on Preference of Financial Instruments
  • 2017 : Housing Initiatives in Urban and Rural areas in India
  • 2017 : Testing Market Efficiency Using Lower Boundary conditions of Indian Option Market
  • 2017 : Risk Attitude and Investment Objectives
  • 2017 : Studying the Behavioral aspects of Senior citizens related to Reverse Mortgage Scheme in India
  • 2017 : Testing Market efficiency using lower boundary conditions of Indian options market
  • 2017 : The Potential Impact of Marketing on preference of financial instruments
  • 2017 : Studying the behavioural aspects of senior citizens related to reverse mortgage
  • 2017 : Green Accounting: A New Way to Boost Sustainable Development
  • 2017 : Critical analysis of credit policy parameters adopted by banks-working capital loans and borrower’s perceptions
  • 2017 : Risk attitude and Investment Objective
  • 2017 : Perception of investors towards derivative market
  • 2017 : Borrower’s Perception and Credit Policy Norms-A Study of Retail Loans
  • 2017 : Performance Evaluation of Large Cap and Mid & Small Cap Equity Mutual Funds in India- An Empirical Evidence
  • 2016 : An Empirical Study of Investment Pattern of Retail Investors in Mutual Funds
  • 2016 : Study of Behavioral Finance Techniques related to Investors Attitude
  • 2016 : An Analysis of the role played by payment Banks in strengthening Financial Inclusion
  • 2016 : Behavioral Explanation to Financial Crisis of 2008
  • 2016 : Testing Market Efficiency of Indian Capital Market
  • 2016 : Priority Sector Lending: A Paradigm Shift
  • 2016 : Implementation of CLSS under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Housing for all (URBAN) by 2022
  • 2016 : Behavioral Biases Affecting Investors Attitude
  • 2016 : Payment Banks: mechanism to promote financial inclusion
  • 2015 : Role of Capital Budgeting Techniques in Financial Decision Making
  • 2015 : Working Capital at Narora Atomic Power Stations
  • 2015 : An Analytical Study of Behavioural Biases from Investors perspective
  • 2015 : An Empirical Study of investment pattern of Retail Investors in Mutual Funds
  • 2014 : A Study of individuals Preference towards second employment
  • 2014 : A Study of Individuals Mindset and Preference towards second Employment
  • 2014 : Clustering Countries on the basis of their Macroeconomic performance for identifying destinations for investments
  • 2014 : Comparing returns between large and mid & small cap equity mutual funds in India
  • 2014 : An Analytical Study of Behavioural Biases from Investors perspective
  • 2014 : Consumer Perception towards investment in currency option
  • 2014 : Economic Outlook for Developing Asia
  • 2012 : Testing semi srong form of efficient market hypothesis of selected stocks of BSE
  • 2012 : Analysis of managerial decision making related to corporate restructuring strategies based on pharmaceutical sector
  • 2012 : A study of Struggle of Tribal Community of CG State(Bastar), engaged in handicrafts and promotional techniques of their upliftment
  • 2012 : A Study on Credit Risk Management Framework by Banks of India
  • 2012 : Corporate Finance: Impact of Dividend on Market Share Price
  • 2011 : Effects of Changes in CRR Rate and REPO rate on various economic variables
  • 2010 : Impact of FII on Indian Stock Market
  • 2010 : Cost Management: A Strategic Approach
  • 2010 : Cultural Issues Faced by Employees of Generation X and Generation Y in Hospitality Industry Sectoral Perspective
  • 2010 : Wealth Management and Mutual Fund as an Investment Option- A Study of Investors Awareness
  • 2007 : Future of Medical Tourism in India: Impact on Indian Economy
  • 2007 : Black Gold Shining

Reviews are expected from A and B Catergory Journals for 4 research papers

  1. Author of Books:
    • Psychology of Investors: A Researcher’s view- 2021
    • Practices in Entrepreneurship and Finance- 2017
  2. Book Chapters:
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  • Agrawal. K; Raman T.V.; ‘Working Capital at Narora Atomic power Stations’ Case Studies in Contemporary Management, PP. 121-130, ISBN: 978-93-84588-75-5; I.K. International Pvt. Ltd.

  • Member Editorial Board- Journal of General Management Research, SCMS Noida

More than 50 conferences attended/participated/chaired organized by- Institute of Professional studies Misitry of Finance, CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHD chamber of commerce, IMA, Amity University, NIRMA University, RCEM-Nagpur, Ministry of HRD, AICTE, ICAI, Manipal University, MDI-Gurgaon, CMS-Jamia Millia Islamia, FORE School of Management, JNU, IIM-Nagpur, IIM-Raipur, NIRMA University, MSU Udiapur, All India Economic Association, All India Commerce Association, AIMA, QCI

  • Article in News paper-‘Financial Express’ related to Financial planning and Welath Creation.

  • Life Member of Indian Economic Association
  • Life Member of India Commerce Association

As on date Thirteen Scholars awarded PhD, Titles are

  • An empirical study of efficiency, volatility spillover and violations in spot, futures and options market of India
  • Asset portfolio quality and credit policies of private sector banks in India-evaluation and analysis
  • A study on impact of mergers & acquisitions on financial performance of Non- financial sector
  • A study of pattern of investment strategy and preferences of investment avenues among salaried individuals
  • Relation between intellectual capital and firm’s performance with reference to Indian companies
  • Determinants of risks in consumer goods sectors of Indian economy
  • Implementation of class under PMAY-housing for all (urban) by 2022
  • Empirical study of “trends in portfolio construction of Indian household and investors attitude towards investment decision’
  • The influence of financial literacy towards investors attitude and its implication on decision making
  • Influence of behavioral factors on the adoption of digital finance- an empirical study
  • Psychological biases and investment decision making
  • Strategic service quality management in banking industry of India
  • An empirical investigation of challenges and possibilities in MSME