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Birla Institute of Management Technology has been conferred with the prestigious Category 1 Graded Autonomy Status by the AICTE in February 2020. BIMTECH acquiring this stamp of recognition further reinforces its commitment to foster an intellectually vibrant environment whereby Standalone Institutions transform into Institutions of Global excellence. There is a growing demand for a skilled workforce in the private sector. Many industries are forced to turn towards better-run institutes under the private sector to meet their requirements for a skilled workforce with advancement in technology, which could enable them to strive in the international market. BIMTECH’s, further endeavour to recreate the essence of Post Graduate Diploma in Management through the online mode by the ‘Centre of online studies’ (COOLS).

Prof. S.S.Dubey, Chairperson

COOLS is a part of BIMTECH to promote higher education in and outside India through collective apparatus of On-line Teaching, Learning and Research. It also aims to impart best theoretical Knowledge, Analytical & Technical Skills to produce better future professionals.

Prof. S.S.Dubey


Centre of online studies(COOLS), BIMTECH

[email protected]

BIMTECH has partnered with Upgrad to offer AICTE affiliated PGDM online program of 24 months duration.