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  • The Flagship Programme delivering excellence since 1994. The Programme focuses on building need based skills to create & manage sustainable businesses.
  • KPMG’s Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, a management methodology meant for driving process improvements in the delivery of goods and services, involves discussions, assignments and knowledge evaluation
  • Students of the programme appreciate learning freedom in the exchange program. They get global exposure of foreign culture and society and experience an adventurous journey in any one of the 59 foreign partnering schools.
  • Capstone is a strategic simulation which gives the students to run an organization. The students get exposed to taking business decision in a highly competitive environment where future is unpredictable.
  • Every student gets an opportunity to volunteer Short Term Projects/ Social Action Projects in the defined dual window system.
  • Markstrat is a strategic marketing simulation which offers MBA students and professionals a risk-free platform to test theories and make decisions.
  • Some of the unique feature of this programme includes LEAD-Leadership LAB course, Business Sustainability, Financial Inclusion, Managing Self and Career with emphasis on Happiness. These courses are purely experiential in nature. Students are exposed to the Rural Immersion under Responsible Business Course. From Term III to Term VI there is one bouquet course in each term for encapsulating multi dimension knowledge enhancement courses.
  • Enterprise Lab is an experiential course which provides opportunity for the students to apply theoretical concept in real business practice, develops critical thinking in participants for problem solving and decision making with entrepreneurial mind-set. The course aims to develop holistic understanding of the business integrating the functional areas.