Alumni Speak

  • Mr. Arjun Sharma

    Insuring Sports Events & Entertainment segment

    • Fantasy sports program (1st ever)
    • Sports Broadcasting cover
    • Sports Leagues - IPL ISL Pro Kabbadi PBL
    • Live Events - IIFA awards,Sunburn,NH7 Weekender
    • Death & Disgrace
    • Broadways, Standup acts Content production and many more in the entertainment and media space..

    Mr. Arjun Sharma

    Executive Vice President - Sports & Events, Marsh India Insurance Brokers

  • Ms. Rashi Agarwal

    BE(IT) & PGDM(HR)

    Currently working as HR Generalist at DVC Headquarter.

    -> Handling Recruitment & Post Recruitment Activities at DVC.

    Ms. Rashi Agarwal

    Deputy Director – HR, Damodar Valley Corporation

  • Ms. Garima Chandak Periwal

    Ms. Garima Chandak Periwal

    Deputy VP , Motor Underwriting System Operations, TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Satyam Arora, Co-Founder, Purple Sketch Digital

    Satyam Arora, Co-Founder, Purple Sketch Digital

  • Mr. Homa Mistry

    Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Business Travel, Leisure Travel, Hotel Booking, Hotel Management, and Business Development. Strong business development professional with a MBA focused in Marketing from Birla Institute of Management & Technology.

    Mr. Homa Mistry

    CEO Trail Blazer Tours India Pvt Ltd

  • Shikha Jain

    Shikha Jain

    Shikha Jain, Director, Zeco Aircon Limited, Batch 2007-09

  • Uday Bhan Singh

    Uday Bhan Singh

    Uday Bhan Singh BIMTECH Alumni from BATCH 2007-2009

  • Anku Sharma

    Anku Sharma

    Anku Sharma, Strategic Consultant, Enlearn Xperiential Learning Systems, Batch 2007-09


    The Alumni Cell of BIMTECH came up with an idea to celebrate the life of the people who have now become the fulcrum of the society i.e.- Women entrepreneur. The Alumni Network consists of people who have reached the most coveted positions and achieved many laurels in their life.  Home of the Alumni Association is in Delhi but its geographical outreach has been from far away cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and NCR. This makes the working of this association like a well-oiled machine. The theme for the event was – “Entrepreneurship - an option for women in the Present Scenario.”

    BIMTECH in its 2nd edition of the women alumni meet- Surge 2019, saw participation of successful and inspiring women entrepreneurs who inspire others to break the chains and bring about a change in the society. It not only involved participation of BIMTECH alumni’s but also major experts from the industry, members of Global alumni association of BIMTECH (GAAB) and other BIMTECH dignitaries which turned this event into a huge success.


    In the beginning it was all about organizing the event and how can all the things be carried successfully. But as it said “ain’t no mountain high ain’t no barrier low if you are determined enough to achieve your goal”. The event started with felicitation of the of the Guest Speakers. We were delighted to see an overwhelming response when we called in entries for sharing their views.

    The women alumnae were requested to share their views about Entrepreneurship as an option in present scenario and share their personal experience for the upcoming generation. Why to become an entrepreneur? A question that seems very easy to answer but is not; was answered in a beautiful manner by some participants. In this dynamic world which is changing everyday Financial Independence and Flexible working hours have become the need of the hour and all the speakers emphasized these two points.

    As these speakers shared their success journey with us, the one thing that was common was leaving their job and taking the path less travelled. This not only fosters autonomy but also but also helps them spend time with their families.

    The event not only brought old acquaintance under one roof after years, but also allowed them to interact with senior guest attendees who were also a part of the event. It all started with interaction between the lot, sharing their experiences about various ups and downs faced by them on their path to success. There was surely a lot to take away from the event and from the corporate leaders.




  • Mr. Ajay Deshmukh

    Currently working as Executive Director with JP Morgan, Head - Corporate Investment Banking Finance & Business Management, India. Leading a team of 700 people performing Financial Analysis, Product Control, Legal Entity Controllers, Business Management and Program Management function across Investment banking businesses & all regions.

    MBA specialised in Finance from Birla Institute of Management Technology.

    Mr. Ajay Deshmukh

    Executive Director, J P Morgan Chase & Co

  • Mr. Alok Gupta

    Alok Gupta, Founder and CEO, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic shares insights into how the company has strengthened its position in the field of cyber security, digital forensics, and fraud management

    Mr. Alok Gupta

    Founder & CEO, Pyramid Cyber Security and Forensic Pvt. Ltd.

  • Richa Mehta, Batch-2010

    Sky is the limit!!

    Richa Mehta is a woman of substance who wears many hats. An Entrepreneur, A Model, Influencer and Workaholic, aiming and focussing to stride in all the fields by rigorous hard work and follow-her-passion attitude. After being a topper in graduation college and pursuing MBA in finance from BIMTECH, worked for few years in leading audit firm, Ernst and young. Always had passion of dressing up and hobby of modelling for shoots, started with personal clothing brand by the name of RM Vogue.

    She is a young entrepreneur who owns a unique brand by the name of ‘RM Vogue’ and celebrity magazine ‘Fashion Lifestyle’.

    She has modelled under different labels,
    Brand Ambassador of Cosmopolitan India,
    Top 100 Faces of Asthetics Internationally,
    Advisor on board for Dream NGO,
    Star of India awardee, Amongst Top 100 women achiever's 2018,
    National Excellence awardee by Image seeming grooming academy, Show Stopper for ARS Glamorous India, Asthetics International Excellence Awardee, Show Stopper for India's Next Super Model, Wonder Women Entrepreneur Awardee, Invited as Chief guest, jury member, special guest in lot of events and many more....

    Getting National Women Achiever’s Excellence Award this August, she has been acknowledged and appreciated for bringing change in society by generating employment for people to earn from home by simply just renting out their dresses from their wardrobe.

    She is a influencer who has stride, felicitated and awarded in many fields.

    She always believes in ‘Never say never!’. There might be many hurdles, ups and downs and with start-up lot of downs , but always follow what you believed in while starting and getting to this path and make the world prove wrong . More than the world, prove yourself wrong when you think you cannot do it. Because You can and you will make a difference!!

    She would like to thank her family and the entire faculty of BIMTECH who supports her and encourages her in all aspects of life. This is the core strength and makes her keep-going.

    Sky is the limit!!

    Richa Mehta, Batch-2010

    Owner, RM Vogue

  • Aditya Vardhan

    Mr. Aditya Vardhan (Roll No. 16DM010)


    IN PGDM, Batch 2016 - 18


    BIMTECH is the place which played a very critical and major role in transforming me from a Technocrat into a business professional. The quality of education, faculty, and syllabus coverage pattern and industry interactions made my skills updated as per the corporate requirement. The residential campus and friendly environment never made me feel alone, BIMTECH was always a "HOME AWAY FROM HOME TO ME".

    Aditya Vardhan


  • Punika Chaturvedi,Co-Founder, Purple Sketch Digital

    Punika Chaturvedi,Co-Founder, Purple Sketch Digital

  • Mr. Annu Grover

    Mr. Annu Grover

    Green Evangelist & MD, Nurturing Green

  • Mandeep Arora , Batch-2010

    Women in Leadership: Success & Challenges

    I stand tall on my own feet today as a senior associate consult-ant for a big Private Equity giant in their Real Estate Finance Asia Pacific team. Also leading the Professional Women's Network of our organization, I have come a long way and feel that I am now closer to the dream I had when I had just started my career back then in the June of 2010.

    I had always wanted to be a self-sufficient corporate woman from my school days. I remember how I would always imagine myself dressed up in a formal attire sitting in a luxurious cabin OIof a posh office space looking down from that tightly sealed glass window of my corner office gazing at the hustle and bustle of the city, but little did I know back then about the struggles that came along with it.

    It was in the year 2007 when I had decided to appear for CAT and go for a Masters in Business Administration. It took me a lot of effort to convince my parents about how it would be a fruitful investment for me to enroll in MBA which would take me to new heights. This was my first struggle as a woman.

    After a lot of convincing, my father finally agreed to me appear-ing for CAT exam and I started preparing for MBA but this was on condition that I would have to give it just one shot and the college had to be in the near vicinity of the city, I believe this gave him confidence to keep a check on my whereabouts while I was out.

    I agreed to both his conditions and hence BIMTECH was on my priority list from the start it being the best in the Delhi/NCR re-gion. CAT exam went well and so did my graduation exams, I had applied for 2 more colleges in the Delhi/NCR region but I was counting on my luck now to get into BIMTECH owing to the leg-acy of 20 years then, state of the art infrastructure and place-ment records of this prestigious institute. I was eventually se-lected in the PGDM - International Business course. This has been my first professional win and still holds a special place in my heart.

    On my first day at BIMTECH it felt as if I was wearing rose glass-es, although those rose glasses almost shattered during the first 3 months of my stay. It was a rigorous tenure, classes after clas-ses, assignments clashing with tests, presentations after presen-tations and on top of it fun cultural events which required en-thusiastic participation, too much was happening and it had got the better of me.

    I was surprised to see how everyone around me was managing everything so well but I felt incapable of handling so much, I thought It wasn't good enough, I called my father and told him that I wanted to come back, and there he was with his first em-powerment lesson to me - “All of them are sailing in the same boat, build yourself up. This is the only time to get yourself ready for bigger challenges”. He told me that I had his back at all times provided I gave it a tough fight. I felt charged up with his words of wisdom and started afresh with a new energy. It was only towards the end of the course at BIMTECH that I realized how far I had come in those 2 years in terms of task manage-ment, personality development and managing relationships bet-ter.

    The least talked about and the most distinguishing feature of BIMTECH was definitely the selection of students from all cor-ners of the country. The different cultural events as well as the opportunity to work on international projects had accustomed me to the wide demographics. This helped me become a good person and importantly become a proud Indian as I had learnt my lesson on International and cultural best practices, versatility and adaptability in a unique natural way and that too by staying close to the Indian ethos. This had made me realize how we all were special, different, yet the same and also had prepared me to be aware of what to expect out of the gates of the college.

    Selected out of an odd 100 people through a finance placement event, I had joined an organisation at the entry level. Welcomed with a fancy 2 days induction there, I had been allotted a work-station amongst hundreds of people doing similar number crunching job. Honestly, from here my dream of the corner of-fice actually looked farther than I thought. I was just a small part of the entire scheme of things. Being caught up in the middle of apathetic mentors who would not train me properly and would be strict with my daily performance rating, it had taken me long-er than others to fully grasp the whole process, however It didn't stop me from whistle blowing, I had gone ahead and raised the issue with the manager that it was through the peri-odic ratings I was learning the process which was unfair and the mentors did not seem interested in my growth. This attempt of mine was to no avail.

    Each day in that office, I would worry about making mistakes working on humungous data which had zilch possibility of being dealt with 100% accuracy under really tight daily targets. There would always be 2-3 people justifying why there was a minor er-ror in the data they had submitted. It would be the respective managers' routine to catch hold of people and let them justify their mistakes. This whole scenario was taxing.

    During this time I had a close friend with whom I discussed my professional life and I remember how he used to send me Ralph Marston's daily motivators on a regular basis to help me survive the office pressure. It would work on some days and it wouldn't on the other days. There was no motivation for me to go to of-fice each day. I remember every time I would meet a friend I would ask them how their jobs made them feel? I was confused whether it was me or was the office life supposed to be this stressful?

    In the middle of all this I had started receiving messages from some random guy in the office who initially started off saying he wanted to learn my work process from me, his messages soon converted into romantic, comedy, corny messages. I tried to turn him away by being nonchalant, responsive, unfriendly and silent but nothing seemed to work. One fine day a colleague came up to me telling me how a guy was secretly clicking pic-tures of me. It was at that very moment, I decided to lodge a formal written complaint against him quoting the series of inci-dents. This was the first time I decided to not let me being a lady taken advantage of. It was after I had complained about that guy with the HR lead that I realized I had done something big, be-cause the news of my email to the HR manager had spread like wild fire. It seemed like it was a first of its kind formal complaint in that company, what I had done was really straight forward and simple but it looked like I had done something courageous.

    People's reactions had scared me, everyone was talking about the complaint in elevators, private meetings, lunch table.

    I felt nervous of being attacked or assaulted outside office prem-ises. This was my second struggle as a woman.

    Thanks to the protective policies of professional companies which taught me the lesson of overcoming all kinds of fear by raising your concerns and communicating freely. I was asked by the HR manager about what action I wanted them to take, I had simply said “he should stop stalking me, I don't want anything else”. Within 2-3 months I heard it through grapevine that guy had left the company. I still don't know whether it was voluntary or forced, but anyhow, it was a big relief.

    There were more struggles to follow, soon within days the daily motivators stopped working, and I realized that me getting bet-ter at my job wasn't really recognized. I could clearly see some women taking an unfair advantage of getting close to the leads and getting their ratings altered. It was heart breaking to see women being treated like entertainment packages. I instinctive-ly knew it was worth giving a try to another organization or an-other work profile.

    Luckily the next one turned up soon with almost double the sal-ary and similar benefits. To my surprise this time I had a wonder-ful manager, who would appreciate me and his team on simple things like drafting a well-structured email, he would randomly throw me in to host training sessions for new hires without even a 10 minutes notice, he wanted me to grow, he took out time to understand my concerns and what would keep me happier, he would nominate me for awards, would point out genuine mis-takes and leave no opportunity to empower me as an individual. Not only that he maintained a tracker of errors and on a regular basis he used to evaluate the kind of errors his team were mak-ing and what was the best possible way of avoiding them vis-a-vis my previous managers who would harass people for making mistakes.

    That time I didn't know that 1.5 years and an engagement ring later I would actually leave the company and an esteemed Assis-tant Vice President designation for a temptation of getting an of-fice closer to my new house. This was my third struggle as a woman which I overcame by embracing the change and looking forward to marrying the guy, yes he was the same guy, who used to send me Ralph Marston's daily motivators.

    Fortunately enough I was offered a wonderful opportunity by a brand I really looked forward to, the role was a team first meri-tocracy wherein I had to be the flag bearer of a totally new set up and set up things from the scratch, I thought this was the best time for me to showcase my skills. I was promised a role which involved communication with stakeholders, working multi dimensionally on accounting, finance and analytics, preparing decks, travelling internationally to meet people and give ideas to better structure the whole process.

    This new job did not have any daily targets, it was a wider role, like how I wanted it to be. I took the offer and now years later, in this role, I am again preparing the stage for myself, I may be closer to the corner office than before.

    My best learnings have been my past fears, only now I know how to overcome them. Like they say “If things go your way, you're lucky but if they don't you're luckier”. This holds definite-ly true for me because my struggles have shaped my personality. From being a docile and a quiet girl I have now evolved into an interactive and responsible lady and I am in a position to lead young ladies with similar concerns that I used to have in the past.

    My motivation while doing my tough job with a smile is my dream of the corner office and the fact that being busy makes me stress free and happier that I am indeed adding so much val-ue each day.

    The real struggles of women in corporate are that inspite of their being laws in favour of gender equality, there is a perception that women are natural home makers and that is their primary job. There are laws promoting gender equality but in practice we would always see hiring managers being skeptical of hiring a more deserving pregnant woman than a less deserving man. We have lucrative maternity policies in India, but can we say that we as professionals are ready to give a 6 month break and promise a work-life balance to the women workforce without compromis-ing their performance feedback? The Answer is No.

    There is a lack of belief in women leaders overall and only wom-en leaders can change that.

    An ideal woman leader for me is the one who looks at males and females as equal and rewards performance over prejudice, she yearns to maintain a work life balance for all. An ideal woman leader ensures healthy competition, fair practices, promotes pay parity and a cohesive work culture for both the genders.

    Our husbands and fathers have come a long way for their wives and daughters, but it would only be truly empowering if they treat women as equal partners rather than the sole support sys-tem to take care of their family.

    We are blessed to be in the 21st century. This century is for women especially in India. There is a lot of change happening around us. We need not only here to embrace the change but to bring it about. Our boys and our men are evolving, we, need to lead this change and free men from the shackles of their age old perspective of women.

    In my professional journey till now strong communication has been my biggest strength and I advise the students as well to not hesitate to work hard and challenge the status quo if the need be and let nothing stop them from chasing their dreams.

    Mandeep Arora , Batch-2010

    Head - Brand Solutions, Blackstone Centre

  • Priyanka Kaushik, Batch-2009

    Be a Women Of 'Choice'

    Women in corporate are the women of 'Choice'. Choice which they make at nascent stage of their career i.e. whether to be the master of the race or be in the rat race of submissive corporate representative with diluted identity. My corporate journey has been definitely a matter of these peculiar CHOICES I made or I would say the choices with which I went in full throttle in my life which has shaped my career and gave me a vision: To be experimental

    Hailing from a small town Meerut, I did my bachelors in computer applications, my subject combination during my graduation days was principles of management, I discovered my inclination towards subjects of management. The lessons which caught my interest were Henry Fayol, and then quiet common in those days an MBA was a necessity, and it is then in my last leg of academic life, BIMTECH happened. Birla institute of management technology was then budding into guru Kul of shaping corporate professionals or professionals with a difference. I pursued my MBA in HR and during those two magical years I matured from a student to a responsible yet fun-loving management learner who is still to be thrown to fire.

    In college being an active part of placement cell a winter project came from TATA POWERS for our batch, fortunately or unfortunately nobody accepted that offer when the email landed in their inbox as no remuneration was promised and I being weird with the choices accepted it and took my scooty on one wintery morning and reached Noida sector 62 TATA POWER office.

    So before I tell you my story what happened in Noida sector 62, let me tell you a bit about the project, the project was to formulate a learning and development plan for eastern region of Tata Power. I knew those were the big shoes to fill, but yes as I said I CHOSE it. I met Mr. Kunj Bihari then assistant manager of training & development HR, before he could say anything I said I am ready to do this project. He asked me couple of routine questions in the emphasis was on one particular question i.e you need to come daily? and YES was my instant answer.

    What triggered me to do that project was a simple push that I can't sit idle and something is better than nothing. When I completed that project I was asked to present my project, when I entered the room on 27th March, 2009 I saw Lt. Dr. Bhaga Singh, VP, HR Tata Powers was sitting in the room for my presentation. Exactly one week after the presentation, I got a pre placement offer from Tata Powers and posting was Jamshedpur. And the real corporate journey started where a vast ocean of opportunities was ready for me to take the plunge.

    I joined Tata's and worked on Industrial Relations, trainings & development, working closely with senior leadership I understood the nuances of working in a plant office as it gave me detailed practical insight on labour relations. Working for a year with Tata's unfortunately due to some health issues I had to leave TATA.

    I came back to Noida to Jamshedpur with no back up option in hand. While searching for Job, I got a call from small Cogent-e- services an outsourcing solution company in telecom. I was hired as an Assistant manager where I was asked to work on aggressive expansion plans which was increasing headcount from 400 to 6000 people. It was hell lot of challenging as people grew and setting up new offices, planning inductions & trainings simultaneously ensuring that current business operations doesn't get affected. The basic tension which was maintained to curtail on hiring cost. Four years in that organization has made me a professional who can take strong decisions, implement them and I have felt like almost a superwoman who could do something for the people in need of employment as cogent was mass hiring then and like we grew as a family where I made a choice as an HR Professional to keep the engagement & involvement factor at the core of a recruitment & retention strategy in order to sustain the model of recruitment and expand aggressively in other geographies.

    After four years I started feeling stagnation where I felt there was nothing much to do and my profile had reached saturation, and again the search for job started. I got a call from NEC Technologies India Pvt. ltd. NEC is a Japanese MNC with serving technological solutions and providing smart city solutions for orchestrating a brighter world by leveraging technologies AI, OSS , Big data analytics etc. I joined NEC as associate manager and I must say I had time of my worklife in that organization. NEC has a huge team of HR professional, with a headcount of 28 people team, they want to upgrade their HR with the pace company was growing.Complete automation of all the HR processes, and no one in the team of 28 was ready to take the assignment. I grabbed it: and lead the complete project as a project manager, where I get lot of appreciations & given my career a strong shift.
    It was 24*7 project where I don't remember if I have missed touching any HR process Area This experience is the master stroke of my career, and I started picking up projects And take a move to Maruti Joint Venture Company Bharat Seats saying bid adieu to NEC.
    My Appetite for challenges was growing

    Maruti Joint Venture and manufacturing was never easy for females to work on. Again the project given to me was on organization Development and automation. I enjoyed this project and delivered 100% as per the expectations of the organization. Learning TPM, lean processes, project management, and productivity with a strong role HR can play in business arrears was an amazing learning. The project ended gracefully and it's a superb organization to work for. The biggest challenge if I talk about was to make the tenured people learn new process reluctance to change and causal approach, but it can me effectively managed by a communication plan and trainings.

    Experience and patience is the key for any change. Change management isn't easy but it can be made easy. I complete the project and got an opportunity for an HR transformation work

    BlS International is into visa processing space, the company has presence in 62 countries and headquarters are in Delhi. The core team work centrally with 8 time zones & the thought-provoking work given to me is complete the HR transformation of the complete organization, it will include setting up the HR processes for all the countries writing SOP, and cascading it to different countries operation, I studied in the industry this work is usually given to a person with 12 years of experience, but if I have taken it 3 years before, am expecting wonders, with 3 years ahead challenge, it ongoing and 4 months passed, different time zones still remains the biggest challenge

    Being from an affluent family, I would say working for extra hours, grilling yourself for extra miles does pay in long run. In every activity you do, a woman in corporate need to be tenacious enough to make a choice no matter it proves to be a wrong one, it's in our hands to make it right in every aspect with our sheer integrity, sincerity and yes very importantly upfront attitude to say no to assignments which has very little or no value addition to you as a professional.

    Priyanka Kaushik, Batch-2009

    Senior Mnager (HR), BLS international

  •  Ankit Vijayvargiya, Deputy Manager, Honda Cars India Ltd.

    Ankit Vijayvargiya, Deputy Manager, Honda Cars India Ltd.

  • Divya Negi

    Ms. Divya Negi (Roll No. 16DM072)



    "BIMTECH gave me an opportunity to receive a great learning experience and helped me enhance my management skills through its excellent faculty and challenging curriculum. The beautiful campus and hostel amenities made it like a home away from home. It also gave me some priceless friendships and memories for a lifetime."

    Divya Negi

  • Mr. Pankaj Nath

    Apart from my job profile, I have interest in Travel and content creation. Here is my Instagram profile link.

    Mr. Pankaj Nath

    Digital Strategist, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited