Ahmedabad Chapter

Report of Alumni meet held at Ahmedabad on February 24th, 2018

To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, the alumni meet on February 24th, 2018 held at Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad Chapter covers alumni from the places around Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad chapter has identified around 51 Alumnus from the state of Gujarat. The meet was attended by around 23 people Nostalgia filled the atmosphere, alumni from different batches of PGDM, PGDM-insurances, PGDM-RM courses brimming with feelings of joy and ecstasy attended the meet. Spouse of alumni added colors and glitter whereas bundle-of-joy kids added cheer and mild chaos in the event.

With the aim of creating a strong, nation-wide, fully interactive community of alumni, the meet started with the formal welcome and introduction of the alumni present there. Prof. Dhruva Chak briefed the alumni about the agenda & various activities undertaken by Alumni cell. The several points along with formal agenda of the meet were discussed at the meet. A few of the points of the discussion were the providing mentorship to the current BIMTECH students, assisting in finding internships & placement for students and managing database of the alumni. It was decided to strengthen the link between the current BIMTECH students and alumni for their support to current students in the area of internship, jobs, mentorship and any other help. Further, it was discussed as to how to contribute through alumni forum and forge a bond amongst the alumni at a given city/region.

Great bonhomie was observed everywhere with old students reviving their old memories with their batch mates, seniors and juniors. Prof. Dhruva Chak and Prof. Ruchi Mishra were also interacting with their alumni and absorbing their experiences. In all, the ambiance was electric with people seen chatting and dining in groups. The alumni meet witnessed the active involvement of the alumni, and a number of commendable suggestions and proposals came up. Prof. Dhruva Chak and Prof. Ruchi Mishra expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the alumni who have traveled all the way from different places to become the part of this event. Overall, the meet was stimulating and enriching as all members expressed their views, shared their experiences and gave new insights and commendable suggestions to strengthen their association with BIMTECH.

Minutes of the Meeting- Ahmedabad Chapter

The alumni meet of Ahmedabad chapter was organized on 24 February, 2018 at Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad. The meeting started at around 7 pm and it was attended by 23 members, including Prof. Dhruva Chak and Prof. Ruchi Mishra. The list of alumni has already been given to Ms Ridhima Babber. The following points were discussed:

Mentorship in Summer Internship:

  • Alumni promised to extend their support in providing mentorship to students in their respective field.

  • Many alumni expressed their concern about providing an effective the mode of contact with the students.

  • Alumni promised to help students in their summer internship.

Expectations from BIMTECH

  1. Need to have a Common Portal

  • Alumni expressed the need to have a common portal to post job-related requirements, internship opportunities and discuss mentorship opportunities.

  • There should be proper coordination between the alumni committee and the placement committee.

  • Alumni expressed the concern that many of them are not receiving emails from BIMTECH email id, therefore this connectivity issue must be resolved. Further, alumni from different chapters must be connected and any transfer from one chapter to another chapter should be done immediately.

  • The registration of current students should be done on the portal at the end of the second year only.

  1. Annual Alumni meet

  • A few of the alumni expressed the desire that invitation for the annual alumni meet should be sent in advance so that they can attend it conveniently.

  • Alumni suggested that the date of yearly alumni meet should remain the same in every year to make it more convenient to attend, since alumni could schedule their visit accordingly..

  • Members want to have another theme based event in every year and a meet should be held in those months when they are not busy like August, January, etc. This was proposed and accepted by all the members.

  1. Database Management

  • The alumni database should be updated as many of the alumni expressed the concern that the contact number and current affiliations are not updated in the database

  • Alumni also proposed to make a database of spouses of BIMTECH alumni so that they can also assist in their different capacity.

  1. Alumni Interactions and Involvement

  • Alumni expressed their wish to be invited for the guest lecture in BIMTECH. They also expressed that opinion that courses should involve Alumni for industry interactions.

  • Rather than sending separate emails to alumni, an email with all social media links should be sent to all alumni.

  • Alumni coordinators should be a part of placement cell to share the opportunity related to internship, job opportunity, and mentorship.

  • An email sent to the alumni committee regarding jobs and internship opportunities should be forwarded to the placement committee.

Prof. Ruchi Mishra