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Reflections 2019





It is rightly said that a founder can take his establishment to great heights, but it is also through the continued contributions and success tales of its alumni, that the rich legacy is carried forward and recognized with appreciation and acknowledgment across all domains. Since its inception in 1988, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida has produced thousands of global leaders who have achieved great laurels in their respective fields and the institute maintains a strong alumni network to keep the alumni, students, faculty and staff in close bond and relationship with each other and to ensure its perennial growth. BIMTECH`s alumni meet takes place every year wherein hundreds of alumni from across the country and globe come and witness the mega event “Reflections” dedicated to them every year.

This year, Reflections 2019, themed ‘Carnival’, took place on 23rd November, 2019 at the institute`s campus and saw a footfall of 320 alumni, some of whom also were accompanied by their families. The theme was in sync with the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere created, which was a treat to the eyes. The event commenced at 4 pm with the welcome of the alumni and their families followed by fun filled carnival games. Following this was the mesmerizing opening act of Ganesh Vandana dance by Immortal dance troupe.

The formal event began with the welcome speech and address by the director, Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, who took immense pride while welcoming the alumni. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Kamal Singh, CEO of UN Global Compact Network India. The speech by the dignitaries was followed by the enthralling performance of Kathak Fusion dance by Immortal Dance troupe. After this the cultural program by BIMTECH students was highly appreciated by the alumni and the faculty members alike.

The alumni were sent to a nostalgic trip by the reviving memories clip comprising of the pictures of their alma mater after which the alumni, current batches students and the faculty members were entertained by the refreshing Carnival dance performance by the Immortal Dance troupe. The Alumni Achievement Award 2019 received many nominations, the result of which would be declared later.

The formal ceremony concluded with a book release ceremony- Love, Life and Butterflies, authored by Mr. Sudhir Sharma, an alumnus of the institute.

Finally, the star of the event, stand-up comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi, known for his keen observations and boundless observation on the stage, arrived. He made a starry entry with a Bhangra performance by the Immortal group. His one liners and comic time left everyone laughing. The footfall of the young alumni and current students was at its peak during this performance which justified his massive popularity.

The fun-filled event finally concluded with the DJ night which the present students and alumni enjoyed together and was immediately followed by the gala networking dinner.

With each passing year “Reflections” becomes a bigger name in itself. The conduit members try their level best to ensure that every “Reflections” is better and bigger than the previous one. The alumni form an integral part of any institution and the


Reflections 2018

Reflections 2018

It was the clarion call of good old days yet again to reconnect with ones Alma Mater and REFLECTIONS 2018, the annual alumni meet of BIMTECH, surrounded the alumni members with nostalgia as they walked the hallowed avenue of their memorable past on Saturday, December 1st 2018.

Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) has since inception produced thousands of global leaders who have achieved great laurels in their respective fields. Initiatives and efforts are taken by the institute to maintain a strong bond and continuously explore and expand the alumni network.

One such initiative taken by the Institute is the Annual Alumni Meet “Reflections”. Every year “Reflections” is held at the campus where hundreds of alumni from across the country and globe come and witness the mega event dedicated to them.

“Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes but always a beautiful song” - This year “Reflections’ 2018” has proved this phrase in its candid celebrations that was organised with much pomp and splendour. The theme this year was “whimsical musically’. The theme was an effort to associate the tunes and music of the present with the previous. The event was very successful with an active participation from over 350 alumni from across Delhi NCR regions and outside. There was a noticeable 30% increase in the alumni attendance this year. The event also witnessed active participation from the alumni, spouses, children, other guests, faculty and the present students, which resulted in a footfall well over 1000 in the event. The event decoration was also based on the theme “Whimsical musically” and was organised by the

The preparations and planning happened under the supervision of Dr. Gagan Katiyar - Head of the Alumni Cell. The cell conducted more than 15 meetings to ensure a swift process and flow of the event. There were 5 registrations desk put to cater to the batches from 1989 till 2018 as well as the guests and faculty. Frooosh an initiative by the BIMTECH Retail students had also put their stalls to cater to the alumni and the guests. 2 stalls were also put by the e-cell to promote and encourage the new start-up ideas. There was a photo-booth as well for the photogenic and the selfie loving alumni and guests. There was a stall for GAAB to encourage and motivate the alumni to register and be a part of the association.

On the day of the event the alumni members started coming in numbers from 4 pm onward. Volunteers and the executive members ensured that the alumni members were properly escorted. Various games for the alumni and their family members were organised to keep everyone engaged. The alumni and their family enjoyed the game “Silent Bollywood” and “How well do you know your partner” a lot. There were games like Ball shooting and Basketball pong to engage the children as well.

The audience were left mesmerised by the opening act of Ganesh Vandana performed by the Aasma Group based in Delhi. To spice up the event the performance was followed by the dance and singing performance by the students of BIMTECH and it was well received and appreciated by the alumni, guests and the faculty alike. The Gulati Brothers with their spontaneity and humour not only kept the audience engaged but kept the mood light with their wit and hilarious comments.

The formal event had eminent dignitaries, Chief Guest Dr. Yasho V. Verma, Former Chief Operating Officer, LG India, Mr. Kamal Singh, Executive Director, CEO UGNI, Mr. Alok Gupta, President GAAB, Dr. Chaturvedi, Director BIMTECH, Dr. Rajiv R Thakur, Dean Development, Dr. Anupam Varma, Dy. Director BIMTECH, Prof. K K Krishnan, BIMTECH on stage. The formal function began with the welcoming speech and address by the director Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi. In the following speech, the President of GAAB, Mr. Alok Gupta, shared the vision of GAAB and its role on strengthening the brand of BIMTECH. This was followed by the encouraging speech by the Chief Guest Dr. Yasho V. Verma, Former Chief Operating Officer, LG India. Audience appreciated the release of the BIMTECH Coffee Table Book, “An Odyssey of Excellence”

The speech by the dignitaries was followed by the enthralling performance of the Tanoura Act (Egyptian Dance) by Karim Ragab. The act was highly appreciated by the alumni and the faculty alike.

The alumni were sent to a nostalgic trip by the reviving memories clip comprising of the pictures of their alma mater. After which there was an entertaining Bollywood dance performance by the Aasma Group. Following which the game of chance was played to keep the guests and the alumni engaged. It was well received by all as they found it to be very entertaining and enjoyable.

The alumni achiever award ceremony was the exciting part of the show. There were more than 61 nominations for the Alumni achiever award. The jury comprised of Mr. Alok Gupta, Mr. Mohit Chhabra, Mr. Pradeep Wadhwa, Ms. Koyaljeet Kaur, Dr. Gagan Katiyar, Mr. Jagmohan Rai and Dr. Monica Gupta. The contest was a close fight with all the nominated alumni members coming very close to winning the award.

The Academia Leader of the year award were given to Mr Harsh Kumar, Associate Professor - Amity University and Dr. Ansul Verma, Associate Professor - SP Jain Institute.

The Entrepreneurial Leader of the year award were given to Mr. Jitesh Khanna, Director - Advaita Showbiz Private Limited and Mr. Anshul Joshi, Founder - Private Limited.

The Corporate Leader of the year award were given to Mr. Sandeep Goel, Director and Business Head - Ericsson and Rupali Sharma, Country Manager - Retail Sales and Partnerships - Union Bank of India.

The Young Achiever of the year award were given to Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, Associate Director - HDFC BANK and Richa Mehta, Owner - RM Vogue and Fashion Lifestyle magazine.

The formal ceremony concluded with the Vote of thanks given by Dr. Anupam Varma, Deputy Director, BIMTECH.

The end of the evening held the audience spell bound again by the tanoura act (umbrella dance) and the Bhangra Dance by the Aasma Group and the Dholki dance and the colours of India performance.

Finally, the star of the event, Stand-up comedian Jaspreet Singh, known for his keen observations and boundless reflection on the stage, arrived. His one liners and comic timing left everyone laughing and enjoying. The footfall of the young alumni and current students was at its peak during this performance which justified his massive popularity.

The event concluded with the Vdj Sandy’s DJ night which witnessed a beautiful communion of the past and the present as the students and the alumni enjoyed together which was immediately followed by the gala networking dinner.

The REFLECTIONS 2018 was a massive success. We expect and hope that we can continue the legacy and make the next year REFLECTIONS an even bigger hit.




Annual Alumni Meet - 2017

Reflections 2017

BIMTECH has always taken pride in churning out global leaders through its Business Management Programs. Another notable initiative is our effort of keeping the entire BIMTECH family constituting of our alumni, students, faculty and staff continuously engaged and contributing to the growth of this esteemed institution. This feeling of belongingness was yet again witnessed and promoted through our flagship alumni event called REFLECTIONS’17 which successfully culminated on 23rd of December, 2017 with active participation from over 250 alumni and a collective gathering of alumni spouse, children, guests, faculty & staff and students that exceeded 1000 people.

Our objective to remember, rejoice and relive the beautiful moments with the alumni and to strengthen the bond with BIMTECH family was more than achieved while the event also gave everyone a common platform for networking, recreation & business opportunities.

This was the time of the year when all the passion, camaraderie and dedication of the alumnus towards their Alma Mater oozed out of them. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Rubik’s Cube’ &‘Alumni Family Carnival with special invitation to the families of alumni.

Preparations of the event started 2 months prior to the event under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Gagan Katiyar –Head Alumni Cell. More than 15 meetings with alumni conduit members were conducted to streamline the process and flow of the event. The team was on its toes to make this event successful.

Alumni Student Conduit, a team comprising of 32 students (both from first year & second year programs) put their heart and soul during these two months. Committees were formed to take care of the different activities like Database management, Decoration, Registration , Tele calling, Social media, Logistics, Gifts and Mementos, Print media, Invitations, Photography etc.

All the Program Centers contributed and supported alumni cell in different ways to make this event successful. Each centre contributed by approaching alumni of respective programs and motivated each one of them to participate in the event with their spouse, children & family members.

Unlike every year, this time, the event commenced from 12:00 PM with Christmas Carol singing by the children from Father Agnel School, Greater Noida which was followed by Cake cutting ceremony by the Director, BIMTECH along with school children, alumni, guests, faculty & staff of BIMTECH. The occasion was also graced by Mr. Aditya Ghildiyal from New Holland Tractors, Greater Noida and Mr. Gajanand Mali from Pari The children were then presented with Christmas Gifts from the Santa Claus. This was followed by Lunch for the Alumni, students, faculty, staff and guests present during the function.

The event decoration was based on the theme ‘Rubik’s Cube’ and was organized by who also helped in organizing an hour long & exciting fun filled games for the guests as well as for alumni, spouse & children. Other round of games were also organized by Decathlon, which was also one of the event sponsor. To spice up the event, the games were followed by dance and singing performances by the students of BIMTECH which kept the audience engaged, while the two radio RJs (Gulati Brothers) kept the mood light with their wit and hilarious comments.

This made way for the official part of the event which included the address by Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH. Further to this, the event was also addressed by the Chief Guest Dr. Kamal Singh (Executive Director-UN Global Compact Network, India) and by the Guest of Honour Mr. Dhananjay Singh (Director General & National Board Member-National HRD Network). As per BIMTECH’s tradition, 32 senior alumni who passed out from the batch 1993-2007 were also felicitated by the Director, BIMTECH along with the Chief Guest & the Guest of Honour. These alumni included Mr. Amit Malik, Mr. Deepak Pandit, Ms. Koyal Geet Kaur, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Atul Kumar Purbey, Mr.Mohit Chabbra, Mr.Shalabh Saxena, Mr. Virender Kumar, Mr. Rajeev Sardha, Mr. Jaideep Nigam, Dr. Anshul Verma, Mr.Sachin Dev Sharma, Mr. Sheik Ayatullah, Ms. Shivani Goyal, Mr. Saurabh Goyal, Mr. Ashwin Upadhyaya, Mr. Deepak Sadhwani, Mr. Gaurav Banger, Mr. Hardeep Singh, Ms. Nidhi Kumar, Mr. Rajiv Upadhyaya, Ms. Riju Goel, Mr.Sanjay Raj, Mr. Sarvesh Anurag, Mr. Supratik Chatterjee, Mr. Avinash Sharma, Mr. Abhishek Bharadwaj, Ms. Ushashi Raha, Mr. Anshuman Shrivastava, Ms. Megha Bhargava and Mr. Punit Ghai.

Some of the Faculty Alumni including Dr. S L Gupta, Prof. P S Nagmal, Prof. H K Moriya, Prof. M S Rawat, Dr. Shilpi Mohan, Dr. Anshul Verma, Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Prof. A Singh and Dr. Jaya Gupta were also felicitated during the event.

Mr. Mohit Chhabra, Secretary GAAB (Global Alumni Association of BIMTECH) also addressed the alumni and shared the Vision of GAAB and the future role of this National Society in further strengthening the brand BIMTECH. He also assured that GAAB would work in the interest of BIMTECH and the alumni would further enhance their participation & engagement with BIMTECH. The formal ceremony concluded with the Vote of Thanks from Prof. K K Krishnan, Senior Professor at BIMTECH.

Finally, the evening started with Stand Up comedy performed by Mr. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia who made everyone laugh with his hilarious jokes. Jeeveshu’s quick wit can be easily spotted in spontaneous one-liners & quirky jokes. His peculiar style of comedy is most inspired by everyday observations. He has done over 2000 shows across different genres. His journey from the board room to the biggest clubs, colleges, corporates, auditoriums and comedy festivals has taken him to every corner of India and other countries such as Bahrain, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia (who doesn’t love travelling for free!). He is also a TEDx speaker.

The event concluded with artistic performance by Chaar Hazaari band which is an Independent Hindi Alternative Folk Rock Band from New Delhi formed in the year 2012. The band believes in creating and experimenting with new sounds and amalgamating them as a unique song.

This was followed by a Gala Networking Dinner.

Holding an event as big as Reflections could not have been possible had it not received constant guidance and support from its generous sponsors; Decathlon, Advaita Events, LPS Bossard, Sparkle, Elements, Nurturing Green and Media Partner Mint.

In comparison to the last year meet, the following achievements were observed:

  • There was noticeable 10% increase in alumni attendance at the event
  • There was a 30% increase in the participation of spouse & children of alumni
  • The Theme & Carnival was widely appreciated by all present at the event
  • For the First time, BIMTECH alumni (Mr. Pankaj Sharma) contributed by partly sponsoring the event with a contribution of Rs. 1.5 Lac
  • The Media Partner created Visibility by releasing a Quarter page advertisement in its National Print Edition released on December 22, 2017
  • The event was sponsored in different ways by 7 Industry Partners
  • The event was organized as a Family Carnival which engaged family & children in a big way

Many young alumni joined the event with their parents which served as a proud moment for all of them. The alumni also shared their experiences and feedback through video bytes, social media posts, comments and tweets in which they expressed their deep feelings for their alma mater. It was a different experience for them in past few years. They also appreciated the fact that BIMTECH has been instrumental in changing their lives and talked about the values they had imbibed from their institute.

Mr. Saurabh Goyal batch of 2003 tweeted: “It was a very engaging curriculum, the faculty and the students were a very close knit family, lots of discussions and sports activities used to happen during my time. After I completed my MBA a lot of exciting opportunities came my way due to the brand image of BIMTECH.” There were other similar tweets on the Social Media and alumni who could not participate this year regretted on this lost opportunity & vowed to join the next year event in great numbers.