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PGDM (Executive) Admission 2019-20

Staff Vacancies

Manager - CMCD

Preferred skills:

Reporting to
Chairperson, CMCD

To support all activities under CMCD

1. Organize International Conference on Management Cases (ICMC)
2. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases (SAJBMC)
3. ICMC Knowledge Webinar series
4. Case competition
5. Organize research and case focussed workshops
6. Maintain and update data bases

The selected person will have immense learning opportunities in diverse areas of organizing international conference, publication of research journal, reviewing cases, engaging virtual community and updating databases.


Graduate / PGDM from reputed Institution/Post Graduate in Eco, English Language from good

  • Experience: Minimum : 3 Year - 0 Month , Maximum : 5 Year - 0 Month
  • Last Date Of Apply: 31 Dec 2019

Job Specification/Eligibility :

1.0 Support to ICMC

  • ICMC promotion through social media almost daily, creating messages and getting graphic made
  • Manage papers through conftool and maintain database of authors who submitted cases
  • Implement review process and Monitor till closure
  • Manage activities related to the external linkages with organization and people
  • Help in review of cases and tracking through the review process

2.0 South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases

SAJBMC is a Socpus indexed journal published by Sage three times a year

  • Manage the database of authors who have submitted the cases and are at different stages of review
  • Communication assistance throughout the publication process
  • Keep track of papers during review process
  • Manage the distribution of Journals
  • Review some papers to check if all corrections are incorporated
  • Help in review of cases and tracking through the review process

3.0 ICMC knowledge series webinar
The webinars are organized twice a month. The title and resource person will be identified by the Chairperson

  • Promotion of webinar through social media
  • Manage the webinar
  • Post webinar record keeping and upload of webinar module
  • 4.0. Case competition
    Student case competition is organized 2 months prior to ICMC and winners are awarded during ICMC inaugural

  • Promotion of case competition through social media
  • Assist faculty in conducting the case competition

5.0 Organize research and case focussed workshop
The title and resource person for the workshop will be identified by the Chairperson CMCD.

  • Promote the workshop through social media
  • Maintain database of faculty and research scholars
  • Manage workshop related communication

Desired Profile :

Good communication skills (verbal/ written);
Highly skilful in Word, Excel and Power Point;
Very good English writing and editing ability;
a voracious reader of management texts,
Social media and technology savvy, meticulous physical and digital record keeping


Age: Below 35 years must be positive and energetic

How to Apply: Send the CV to the email id:

Accreditation and Ranking Manager

Preferred skills:

The post holder will be responsible for all preparation of documents for International and National Accreditation / Ranking submissions; this will involve close collaboration with faculty and non-academic colleagues in BIMTECH and involves working to a very tight, non-negotiable timeline that is set by the accreditation bodies.

Skill Required

  • Ability to rapidly assimilate information and work on a tight deadline
  • Fluent, concise and accurate report writing
  • Excellent IT skills including word processing and use of excel



B.A in Statistics/Mathematics or B.Tech or MBA having experience of 1-2 years in the Accreditation Department of any Institute/University

  • Experience: Minimum : 1 Year - 0 Month , Maximum : 2 Year - 0 Month
  • Last Date Of Apply: 31 Dec 2019

Job Specification/Eligibility :

Project management of accreditation and reaccreditation exercise

  • Maintain confidential database of program reviews, assessment reports and data, curriculum mapping, mission alignment, gap analyses, as well as other assessment related materials
  • Serve as a resource to faculty, staff and administrators regarding data collection procedures and reporting requirements. 
  • Write, edit and prepare draft submission documents and key supporting evidence for submission to the accreditation/ranking body
  • Build up knowledge of accreditation/ranking requirements, from information supplied by accreditation bodies and other sources.
  • Keep a track of timelines for each accreditation/ranking exercise and keep senior colleagues updated to meet the deadlines.
  • Manage and maintain draft documents database and key supporting documents that will be provided during accreditation visit.
  • Ensure full documents are submitted to accreditation body in time

Desired Profile :

Preparation for accreditation/ranking agency visit

  • Liaise with accreditation bodies to agree visit date and accommodation requirements for panel
  • Liaise with visit coordinator to ensure booking of rooms, accommodation and other requirements for the accreditation visits are met.

Assist in AoL (Assurance of Learning) Activities

  • Ensure timely execution of AoL activities
  • Follow up on outstanding "closing the loop" activities by working with faculty and staff to make sure the necessary AoL driven faculty-approved pedagogical, curricular and system changes are made and their effectiveness is assessed

How to Apply: Send the CV to the email id:

Female Hostel Warden

Preferred skills:

Reports to Proctor under the Dean Students’ Welfare and Support Services (DSW&SS):  Being a fully residential campus, the Office DSW&SS at BIMTECH plays a critical role of creating a safe and comfortable living and a feeling of “a home away from home” experience for the resident students. It works towards the overall (social, emotional and cultural) well-being of students, ensuring their civil and congenial participation in campus residence life.




  • Experience: Minimum : 0 Year - 0 Month , Maximum : 0 Year - 0 Month
  • Last Date Of Apply: 31 Dec 2019

Job Specification/Eligibility :

To this end, the key functions of a warden include (but are not limited only to) the following:

This is a full-time role working all days of the week. The wardens follow a special approved leave cycle made in consultation and coordination of the team. For any leave of absence from work, the Warden will have to notify and take a prior approval from the Proctor.

  • Serve as administrator, supervisor and community-builder in his/her respective hostels or hostel blocks as assigned by the Proctor. The Wardens shall be responsible for the health, hygiene and general welfare of the students residing in the hostel rooms, which are specifically assigned to him/her and shall attend to all matters of health, sickness, diet, sanitation and cleanliness and shall be responsible for the students and shall ensure that the students concerned observe the rules framed for their guidance and maintenance of decorum and discipline.
  • Ability to listen to and establish a rapport with students Liaison with administration and other relevant support/services departments to respond to incidents/emergencies and fulfil other responsibilities assigned such as ensuring adequate security, sanitation and other essentials for the students. To ensure security of the students by coordinating with the security team and guards. He/She is expected to go beyond the call of duty and extend work hours in cases of emergency and if any need arises and be available ‘on call-duty’ whenever required, which provides emergency cover at all times. They have the authority to visit the students at any time in their rooms for their welfare and safety.
  • To supervise for the smooth running of the facilities provided and to plan for up gradation and maintenance of these facilities and periodically verify the furniture and fittings with the assistance of the Maintenance team and take action for their repairs/replacement.
  • Ensure safe and healthy living and working environment for resident students. Each Warden will be responsible for the assigned resident students and shall promptly take appropriate action within his/her power on all cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, and sickness of the residents in his/her charge and report to Proctor for cases beyond his/her powers
  • Promote a collegiate environment, good order and social harmony in the hostel blocks. To facilitate this, regular meetings to be conducted keeping everyone concerned in the loop.
  • Enforce discipline and code of conduct in the residence halls as per the Code of Conduct detailed in the Students’ Handbook. To connect with students and Proctor for any conflicts and other such concerns to maintain good order and behaviour in the halls of residence.
  • Participate in and facilitate team work in which reliability and ability to manage time effectively will be the key. The Warden shall be available in the hostel office every day at specified hours.
  • Complete necessary administrative tasks such as report writing, surveys or periodic visits to hostels, filing incidents, documentation and record keeping. Maintaining accurate records and writing reports to help to identify trends that may require action.
  • To lead by example. Wardens will not violate the honour code of BIMTECH and will enforce and abide by institute’s ethos, policies and regulations and also national, state and city laws.
  •  Eligibility: (Education & Experience) Graduate with 4-6 years of experience, preferably working in any reputed fully residential university/educational institution campus.
  •  Skills sets required:
    • The role of Warden is a challenging position and requires a fine balance between enforcing discipline and supporting and bonding with students.
    • Wardens must be approachable and available to all students at any point of day or night
    • Wardens must be able to respect confidentiality. Be empathetic and patient.
    • Wardens must be proactive and take personal responsibility, have the ability to go beyond the call of duty. They should be open to learning new skills, Ability to work in a team, Very good communication skills, with fluency in both English and Hindi, Basic computer skills, Knowledge of MS Word and Excel, Good writing skills to capture data, collect feedback, design reports and conduct surveys.
    • Venue of work: BIMTECH campus at Plot# 5, Knowledge Park, Phase II, Greater Noida, UP,

How to Apply: Send the CV to the email id: