Staff Vacancies

Manager - IQAC

Preferred skills:

Overall Purpose and Objective of the Position

The Manager – IQAC would be responsible for ensuring that IQAC tasks are carried out as scheduled and tracked to closure. This would require organizing IQAC Meetings, following up with other departments for audits, data etc. He would also be responsible for filing of records in hard-copies, as well as systematic maintenance and archiving of data from multiple departmental sources. As and when IQAC rolls out a IT system for data integration and reporting, the Manager-IQAC would be responsible for data integration, inputing data received from different departments and extracting reports as necessary on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


  • Experience: Minimum : 3 Year - 0 Month , Maximum : 5 Year - 0 Month
  • Last Date Of Apply: 31 Aug 2019

Job Specification/Eligibility :

Below 35 years;  must be positive and energetic

Job Description: (Major Roles and Responsibilities)

  1. Maintain and update databases
    • Initial data population
    • Periodic updates / change management
    • Reporting from multiple data sources
    • Reformatting data
    • interfacing with other departments for data exchange and consolidation of data

Audit Scheduling and Closing-the-Loop

  • Arranging Audits
  • Preparing and transmitting Audit Reports
  • Documenting Closing the Audit Loop sessions

3.  Annual filing of AQAR

4.  Arrange Meetings and maintain Minutes

Desired Profile :

Experience: 3-5 years’ experience in similar role in an educational institute Familiarity / experience with any data base system; experience of data conversion;  reformatting; reporting using data from multiple tables / Excel sheets Familiarity / experience of data backup / restoration procedure Good communication skills (verbal/written); Skill in Word, Excel and Power Point; physical and digital record keeping




Accreditation and Ranking Manager

Preferred skills:

The post holder will be responsible for all preparation of documents for International and National Accreditation / Ranking submissions; this will involve close collaboration with faculty and non-academic colleagues in BIMTECH and involves working to a very tight, non-negotiable timeline that is set by the accreditation bodies.

Skill Required

  • Ability to rapidly assimilate information and work on a tight deadline
  • Fluent, concise and accurate report writing
  • Excellent IT skills including word processing and use of excel



B.A in Statistics/Mathematics or B.Tech or MBA having experience of 1-2 years in the Accreditation Department of any Institute/University

  • Experience: Minimum : 1 Year - 0 Month , Maximum : 2 Year - 0 Month
  • Last Date Of Apply: 31 Aug 2019

Job Specification/Eligibility :

Project management of accreditation and reaccreditation exercise

  • Maintain confidential database of program reviews, assessment reports and data, curriculum mapping, mission alignment, gap analyses, as well as other assessment related materials
  • Serve as a resource to faculty, staff and administrators regarding data collection procedures and reporting requirements. 
  • Write, edit and prepare draft submission documents and key supporting evidence for submission to the accreditation/ranking body
  • Build up knowledge of accreditation/ranking requirements, from information supplied by accreditation bodies and other sources.
  • Keep a track of timelines for each accreditation/ranking exercise and keep senior colleagues updated to meet the deadlines.
  • Manage and maintain draft documents database and key supporting documents that will be provided during accreditation visit.
  • Ensure full documents are submitted to accreditation body in time

Desired Profile :

Preparation for accreditation/ranking agency visit

  • Liaise with accreditation bodies to agree visit date and accommodation requirements for panel
  • Liaise with visit coordinator to ensure booking of rooms, accommodation and other requirements for the accreditation visits are met.

Assist in AoL (Assurance of Learning) Activities

  • Ensure timely execution of AoL activities
  • Follow up on outstanding "closing the loop" activities by working with faculty and staff to make sure the necessary AoL driven faculty-approved pedagogical, curricular and system changes are made and their effectiveness is assessed