Faculty Directory

  • H. Chaturvedi

    Director, BIMTECH
    Professor of Strategic Management

  • Anupam Varma

    Deputy Director & Dean (Academics)
    Professor of International Business

  • Arunaditya Sahay

    Dean (Research)
    Professor of Strategic Management 

  • K.C. Arora

    Registrar, Professor of Finance

  • A.K. Dey

    Chairperson - Centre for Management Case Development (CMCD)
    Professor of Operations & Decision Science

  • R.J. Masilamani

    Professor of Strategic Management

  • Gokulnanda Patel

    Convener - Library Committee
    Professor of Operations & Decision Science

  • Arvind Shukla

    Chairperson, Doctoral Programmes
    Professor of Marketing

  • Jagdish Shettigar

    Professor Emeritus of Economics

  • Dhruva Chak

    Chairperson, Centre for Faculty Development
    Professor of Marketing

  • Ashok KR. Malhotra

    Chairperson, AACSB Accreditation Commite
    Professor of Finance
  • Kishore Kumar Sinha

    Chairperson, CMDC
    Professor of OB & HR
  • Sunil Sangra

    Chairperson, Centre for Faculty Development (CFD) & Centre for Business 4.0
    Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Sanjiva Shankar Dubey

    Chairperson Centre of Online Study
    Area Head -  Information Technology
    Professor and Head Information Systems

  • Abhijit K. Chattoraj

    Dean - Students Welfare and Support Services
    Programme Chairperson, PGDM (Insurance Business Management)
    Professor of Insurance Business Management

  • Pankaj Priya

    Area Head - Marketing & Retail
    Professor of Marketing

  • Amarnath Bose

    Chairperson -  Internal Quality Assurance Cell
    Professor of Operations and Decision  Science

  • Rahul Singh

    Chairperson- PGPX  
    Area Head- Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship
    Professor in Strategy and Globalization

  • L. Ramani

    Programme Chairperson ,  PGDM
    Professor of Finance

  • Mohd. Akbar

    Advisor - Area of Strategy

  • Dr. Kshemendra Kumar Upadhyay

    Professor and Chairperson,
    Centre for Sustainability & CSR