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  • Name: Subhanjan Sengupta
  • Designation:

    Programme Coordinator -Fellow Programme in Management
    Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Strategy

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  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Phone: +91-120-6843000-10, Extension: 424


Dr. Sengupta is an Assistant Professor in Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (SIE) Area at BIMTECH. His research interests include entrepreneurship, strategy, and sustainability in general; particularly at the intersection of social entrepreneurship and social value creation, market orientation, ethics of care, circular economy, identity work, academic entrepreneurship, and sustainability agency. He currently teaches courses on Responsible Business and Entrepreneurship in Masters level, and Qualitative Research Methods in doctoral level. He has been a visiting researcher with EDUFI Fellowship of the Finnish National Agency for Education, at the University of Eastern Finland, where he is collaborating with the Innovation Management Research Group on circular economy transition, business ethics, and sustainability agency. He is also a co-investigator in an international project funded by STFC (UK), researching integration of business models, policy instruments, and precision agriculture interventions, for reducing waste of fresh produce from farm to retail. Apart from his contribution to society through teaching and research, he is also on the advisory board of a social enterprise and also evaluates pitch decks of social start ups.



  • 17/06/2014 – 28/09/2018       : Ph.D. Degree (Management Science)

University: Mohanlal Sukhadiya University (MLSU), Udaipur, India Institute: BIMTECH, Delhi NCR, India

  • 13/06/2009 – 30/04/2011       : Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Equivalent to MBA, as per AIU (Association of Indian Universities) Institute: Northern Institute of Integrated Learning in Management – Centre for Management Studies, (NIILM-CMS), India. 

  • 03/05/2010 – 21/07/2011       : Grade de MasterInternational Management  

Exchange programme at NIILM. Stay at Poitiers: 03/05/2010–14/06/2010. Dissertation in India.

Institute: Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE), University of Poitiers, France

  • 05/07/2004 – 23/07/2007       : Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English,

University of Calcutta, India


Area of Interest and Research

  • Market orientation and social value creation by renewable energy social enterprises
  • Political strategy of renewable energy social enterprises
  • Circular economy transition: social entrepreneurs as change agents
  • The practice of the ethics of care in social enterprises
  • Role of policy in reducing, treating, managing waste
  • Business models in reducing, treating, managing waste
  • Identity work in social entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial growth and business models in innovative food businesses
  • Qualitative research methods


Teaching Courses and New Courses Developed

Current Teaching
  • Qualitative Research Methods (doctoral) 
  • Philosophy and Theory of Research (doctoral) 
  • Entrepreneurship (postgraduate level) 
  • Responsible Business (postgraduate level) 
Past Teaching
  • Social Entrepreneurship (postgraduate level) 
  • Strategic Management (postgraduate level) 
  • Marketing Management (postgraduate level) 
  • Fundamentals of Management (undergraduate level)


  • 01/09/2018 – till date                     : Assistant Professor, BIMTECH
  • 01/02/2019 – 30/02/2019              : Visiting Faculty, Jaipuria Institute of Management
  • 19/06/2017 – 31/08/2018              : Sr. Research Associate, BIMTECH, India
  • 01/01/2018 – 29/05/2018              : Visiting Researcher, Busines School, University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
  • 13/05/2015 – 02/05/2017              : Assistant Professor, EMPI Business School
  • 01/02/2017 – 30/04/2017              : Visiting Faculty, Ambedkar University
  • 18/07/2011 – 07/04/2015              : Assistant Professor, Echelon Institute of Technology, Maharshi Dayanand University


Academic Positions and Assignments

  • Program Coordinator                  : Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) (Since 13/10/2018), at BIMTECH
  • Member Secretary                      : Faculty Performance Evaluation System (Since 13/05/2019), at BIMTECH
  • Member Secretary                      : LYCEUM Masterclass (01/09/2018 – 12/05/2019), at BMTECH
  • Faculty Coordinator                    : Collaboration with IBM Career Education (2015-16), at EMPI Business School
  • Faculty Coordinator                    : Collaboration with Seneca College (2015-16), at EMPI Business School


Recognitions and Awards

  • Awarded grant preparatory funding by University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Kuopio, Finland, from their project 931612/va100020, for giving training on research project proposal and application writing for Horizon 2020 calls.
  • Awarded EDUFI international doctoral fellowship (erstwhile called CIMO), a grant awarded by the Finnish National Agency for Education, to work as a visiting PhD researcher at the Business School, University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Kuopio, Finland, from 1st January 2018 to 29th May 2018. At UEF, I was part of the Innovation Management Research Group under the supervision of Professor Hanna Lehtimäki.
  • Awarded The Case Centre Best Case Award 2018 by The Case Centre, USA, in ICMC, 2018 (International Conference for Management Cases, 2018) at BIMTECH.


Research Funding and Consulting

  • Project Name                    : TRANSSITioN (Transforming Cold Food Chains in INdia through Space ScIence and TechNologies) Programme Director(s) : Dr. Bryan Shaughnessy, STFC-UK
  • Dr. Sonal Choudhary, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Awarding Body                        : STFC-GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund)
  • India Academic Partners         : IIT Madras, NIT Goa, BIMTECH, Jadavpur University
  • BIMTECH Co-Investigators    : Dr. Subhanjan Sengupta and Dr. Rahul Singh
  • Dates                                      : April 2019 – March 2021
  • About the Project      : It is a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research project, aimed at identifying business, policy, and tech interventions, for precision agriculture, for connecting farmers to supply chain to increase their income, and for efficient food surplus management from farm to fork.


Research Papers and Working Papers

  • Sengupta, S., Sahay, A., & Hisrich, R. (2020). The social-market convergence in a renewable energy social enterprise. Journal of Cleaner Production, 122516. (Impact Factor: 6.395)
  • Plutshack, V., Sengupta, S., Sahay, A., & Viñuales, J. E. (2019). New and renewable energy social enterprises accessing government support: Findings from India. Energy Policy, 132, 367-378. (Impact Factor: 4.880)
  • Kapoor, R., Ghosh, P., Kumar, M., Sengupta, S., Gupta, A., Kumar, S. S., ... & Pant, D. (2020). Valorization of agricultural waste for biogas based circular economy in India: A Research Outlook. Bioresource Technology, 123036. (Impact Factor: 6.66)
  • Lehtimaki, H., Piispanen, V.V., and Sengupta, S. (2020). Social Entrepreneurship as a Cluster Concept: Is a Cricket Farming Start-Up a social enterprise? Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability,  16(2): 162-186.
  • Sengupta S, Sahay A & Croce F (2018). Conceptualizing social entrepreneurship in the context of emerging economies: an integrative review of past research from BRIICS. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 14(4):771-803 (Impact Factor: 2.53)
  • Sengupta S & Sahay A (2018). Social Enterprises in the Indian Context: Conceptualizing through Qualitative Lens. Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research, 8(1): 1-19
  • Sahota S, Shah G, Ghosh P, Kapoor R, Sengupta S, Singh P, Vijay V, Sahay A, Vijay V K, & Thakur I S (2018). Review of trends in biogas upgradation technologies and future perspectives. Bioresource Technology Reports, 1: 79-88
  • Sengupta S & Sahay A (2017). Comparing mission statements of social enterprises and corporate enterprises in the new and renewable energy sector of India: a computer aided content analysis study. Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research, 7(21): 1-16
  • Sengupta S & Sahay A (2017). Social entrepreneurship research in Asia-Pacific: Perspectives and opportunities. Social Enterprise Journal, 13(1): 17-37 (Impact Factor: 1.37)


Case Repository and Publications

  • Subhanjan Sengupta & Arunaditya Sahay, “Sai Marine Exports at Crossroads,” Ivey Publishing product no. 9B15M051 (now also in Harvard Business Publishing, product no. W15160-PDF-ENG).
  • Subhanjan Sengupta, Arunaditya Sahay, & Margaret Osborne, "Hebon Transforms Indian Jackfruit From Weed to Wonder Food," Ivey Publishing product no. 9B19M006. (now also in Harvard Business Publishing, product no. W19027-PDF-ENG).
  • Arunaditya Sahay & Subhanjan Sengupta, "Tata Steel Acquires Bhushan Steel But…", Case Centre (product no. 320-0075-1).


Books, Chapters and Technical Reports

  • Lehtimaki, H., Sengupta, S., Piispanen, V.V., & Henttonen, K. - Social entrepreneurs as sustainability agents in circular economy. (Forthcoming in Edward Elgar in 2021)
  • Sengupta, S. - Conceptualising (social) academic entrepreneurship: Findings from a social enterprise in India enabled by the Dutch alma mater of its co-founders. (Forthcoming in Edward Elgar in 2021)
  • Ghosh, P., Sengupta, S., Vijay, V. K., & Sahay, A. (2020). Life Cycle Assessment of Waste to Bioenergy Processes: A Review. In Lakhveer Singh, Abu Yousuf, & Durga Madhab Mahapatra (Eds). Bioreactors: Sustainable Design and Industrial Applications in Mitigation of GHG. (pp. 105-122). Elsevier.
  • Lehtimaki, H., Piispanen, V.V., & Sengupta, S. (2018). Social Entrepreneurship in the Finnish Context - Case EntoCube. In A. K. Dey & H. Lehtimaki (Eds.). Responsible Humane Strategies for Gender Equality, Empowerment and Leadership. (pp. 175-183). New Delhi: Bloomsbury.
  • Sahay. A, & Sengupta, S. (2018). Bhushan Steel: Another Noose for Tata Steel? In A. K. Dey & H. Lehtimaki (Eds.). Evolving Business Models in Ecosystem of Disruptive Technologies and Social Media. (pp. 304-312). New Delhi: Bloomsbury.


Editorial Positions and Reviews

  • Journal of South Asian Development.
  • Asian Journal of Management Cases
  • Business and Politics
  • Social Enterprise Journal
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research
  • Journal of Strategy and Management
  • International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Management
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.


Conference, Seminar Paper and Presentations

  • • Kulshreshtra R, Sahay S, and Sengupta S, (2019). Recent trends in Social Entrepreneur Research. 21st Annual Convention of the Strategic Management Forum, IIM Lucknow, December 27-29.
  • • Sengupta S & Lehtimäki H, (2018). Ethics in Social Entrepreneurship: Evidences from India, Responsible Business Research Seminar at the Business School, University of Tampere, in Tampere, Finland, March 14-15.
  • • Sahay A, & Sengupta S - Bhushan Steel: Another noose for Tata Steel? International Conference of Management Cases (ICMC), 2018, BIMTECH. November 29-30.
  • • Lehtimäki H, Piispanen V V, & Sengupta S (2018). Challenges in Conceptualizing Social Entrepreneurship in the Finnish Context - Case Entocube. International Conference of Management Cases (ICMC), 2018, BIMTECH. November 29-30.
  • • Sengupta S & Sahay S (2018). Framework for Market Orientation and Social Value Creation for Social Enterprises. International Doctoral Consortium. BIMTECH. June 6-8.
  • • Mittal U & Sengupta S (2017). An Analysis of the Mission Statements of FT Ranked US B-Schools: A Mixed Method Approach. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Governance for Sustainable Growth. March 10
  • • Muruganantha P, Mittal U & Sengupta S (2017). A Study on Economic Determinants of Inward FDI in BRICS Countries: Panel Data Regression Approach. International Conference on Strategies in Volatile and Uncertain Environment for Emerging Markets. July 14-15
  • • Sengupta S & Sahay A (2017). Comparing Mission Statements of Indian and South African Social Enterprises in the New and Renewable Energy Sector: A Computer-Assisted Text Analysis Approach. International Conference on Strategies in Volatile and Uncertain Environment for Emerging Markets. July 14-15


Social Engagement

  • 2019 onwards  : Member – Advisory Body, of an EVM enterprise – ZogoRides
  • 2019     : Invited to evaluate pitchdecks of social entrepreneurs mentored and incubated by established incubators such as the School of Social Entrepreneurs India.
  • 2018 onwards  : Member – Advisory Body, of a Social Enterprise – Teach For Green
  • 2017     : Voluntarily participated in the social enterprise Pirool Energy (incubated by Social Alpha) at its pilot stage in rural and remote villages in the Himalayas
  • 2017     : Voluntarily participated in the social enterprise Teach For Green at its training for farmers in rural Madhya Pradesh and Punjab
  • 2015 – 2017      : Organised two 30 hour non-stop entrepreneurial hackathons in association with two entrepreneurship platforms in India, IncubateIND and BWDisrupt, for enabling more than 250 youth from across India in developing and pitching their ideas to incubators and venture capitalists.
  • 2011     : Contributions to Annual CSR Report of PVR (India’s premier film entertainment company)
  • 2010     : Voluntary research project with Franzen Partners, Netherlands, on Brahma Kumaris, a religion-neutral widely respected spiritual organisation in India
  • 2009     : Voluntary rural project on rural healthcare related need assessment, with Smile on Wheels, a reputed NGO in India
  • 2001 – 2004      : Freelance writer with the reputed Indian national daily, THE STATESMAN


Doctoral Dissertations and Awards

  • 1 doctoral candidate - ongoing


Curriculum Vitae